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Editorial Standards & Ethics Guidelines

Our Editorial Mission

All published content on is created to provide our readers with accurate, trustworthy, science-backed information surrounding sleep health and CPAP therapy. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions about your Sleep Apnea treatment and overall health. We meticulously research anything that goes on the public-facing portions of our site and only publish information and advice that we would give a member of our own family.

All blog posts are reviewed for accuracy before being published, with some articles having been reviewed by medical professionals for added context and accuracy. In all cases where a medical professional has reviewed our content, we will explicitly state so. If you don't see language indicating that the content was written or reviewed by a medical professional, don't assume that it has been. We will never, ever, misrepresent our content as having been published under the authority of a medical professional when it has not.

DISCLAIMER: Our articles and content that can be found on the public-facing portions of our site are not intended to be, nor should be considered, substitutes for medical advice from a doctor or other medical professional. If you have questions about your care, we recommend that you speak with a doctor for more personalized advice and a treatment plan.

Editor in Chief

Courtney Cormier is the Editor-in-Chief of the blog, where she directs the editorial content, oversees's editorial standards and ethical guidelines, and manages the production workflow to ensure the content is trustworthy and accurate. Joining in the spring of 2019, Courtney has been instrumental in developing two new verticals around sleep health and sleep apnea awareness. Her goal for every piece of content is to provide reliable and helpful sleep apnea information and CPAP advice.

Previously she has served as a guest contributor for the Huffington Post, I Had Cancer, Coed Media Group LLC, and Seventeen The majority of her content career has centered around healthcare, sharing personal interviews as well as healthcare news. Additionally, Courtney has served as a senior editor for various technology companies.

Principles of Editorial Selection

Our topics are carefully chosen based on the following factors:

  • perceived importance to our readers
  • timeliness and relevance (news, medical findings)
  • seasonal trends

Perceived Importance to Our Readers

We take steps to research possible topics based on data from a number of sources and try to publish content that our readers feel is important. We are always looking for topics that our readers care about, and we strive to deliver content that matches the needs and wants of our community.

Timeliness and Relevance

Has the medical community released any recent findings? Are CPAP devices in the news lately? Is there something that we feel our readers need to know about? When it comes to changes in the industry, we want to make sure our readers know about it, and we try to write articles that fulfill that part of our mission.

Seasonal Trends

As seasons change, we try to keep up with content that helps our customers make the most of it. We want to make sure that our readers are aware of any trends or new releases which could impact them or their therapy during each season.

Content Independence has exclusive control over the content we produce, and all decisions about what we publish are determined by We receive no commission or payment from any manufacturer, vendor, or affiliate for promoting certain products, and all decisions about the products we promote in our content are made in-house.


While content is written for a primarily U.S. audience, we work to ensure that, if applicable, it is representative of important consideration and differences in information for people of different ages, physical and mental abilities, gender identities, sexual orientations, ethnicities, relationship statuses, and family types.

Quality Standards

Every piece of content we publish has been planned carefully, executed by professional writers, and reviewed multiple times to make sure that it meets our high-quality standards, furthers our editorial mission, and reflects our guiding editorial principles. We take extra steps to ensure that our content is factual and represents best practices in the field of sleep medicine. We also take steps to ensure that our authors are clearly identified, and it's easy to verify their credentials as they relate to

Up to Date

We are committed to providing the most up to date information to our readers. To that end, we work to evaluate our existing content routinely and update articles that contain information that is likely to be out of date, such as product recommendations, new medical research or findings, statistics, answer new questions our readers might have.

Product Recommendations

When we recommend a particular product to a customer, we only recommend products that we would use ourselves. Before decides to carry a product, we test it and evaluate it. We want to make sure that the product not only does what it claims it can do, but we also take steps to ensure that the product is safe for long-term use. At, products are the heart of what we do, and it's something we stake our reputation on. We want to make sure that when you use one of our products, you're getting the right product for you and your family.

That being said, the products we recommend in our blog are hand-picked, usually representing the best of what we have to offer. When we recommend a product, we want to make sure that not only would we use it, we would recommend a family member use it as well.

Accurate Information

We are committed to verifying the source of all the information we provide (excluding common knowledge), and generally only choose to post information from scholarly sources or professional associations in the field of sleep medicine. We take extra steps to make sure the information we're providing you is not only credible and accurate but that it represents current best practices and industry-standard conventions. Your health and betterment are the focus of the information we provide and the products we recommend, and we will only make claims and assertions that have a basis in science.

You can find the sources for our articles at the very bottom of the page. For each source, we list the author, the title of the report, who published it, as well as the date we accessed the information.

"Medical Professional-Verified and Medical Professional Authored Content

Some of our pieces are reviewed by medical professionals as part of our efforts to make sure we're providing the best information. Some pieces are written by a medical professional. When this is the case, we explicitly say so. We don't use the medical professional's name or identity to publish content that the medical professional has not reviewed and verified. We will never publish articles under a medical professional's name without their approval and consent.

Reporting on Studies and Polls

When we report on a study or a poll, we aim to disclose information on the methodology and the size of the population studied, as well as potential shortcomings of the study and recommended areas of further study. We strive to never promote scientific studies that are dubious or make unrealistic claims.

Opinion Pieces

We don't publish opinion pieces very often, but when we do, we clearly label them. We don't promote opinion pieces that have no connection with our readers.

At we strive for high editorial standards and only promote content that has gone through a stringent review process. We hope that our content results in the improvement and betterment of our reader's health and life. Company Behaviors

At, we strive to live by four core behavior characteristics: Care, Performance, Authenticity, and Perseverance. In addition to conveniently spelling CPAP, these four words branch out into several traits and characteristics that have, and continue to, shape us into the company we are today; a company committed to providing the world a better way to continue their sleep apnea journey. We want to take Care of, Perform for, be Authentic towards, and Persevere with, our customers and each other. You can read more about how we live by these traits on our Company Behaviors Page.