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    Name: Daniela


    Daniela Brannon is an avid content creator who believes in the power of providing information that helps people make knowledgeable decisions about their health. To that end, she has dedicated part of her professional career to writing and editing content for health related publications that have the same goal in mind. Since being employed at she has received extensive training in all aspects of CPAP therapy, including first-hand knowledge about the latest and greatest CPAP equipment. She has researched and published over 60 articles in the blog about topics ranging from how to tell if you or a loved one could have Sleep Apnea to comparing the best CPAP machines in the market today. Every day Daniela continues to gather wisdom about Sleep Apnea and CPAP therapy from her coworkers, members of the blog community, and customers. 

    In addition to writing about health, Daniela also enjoys writing and reading fiction, petting her dog's belly, and having dance parties with her son. 


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