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    Name: Joe


    Joe claims he is from Houston but is really from everywhere, having spent time in many different states as well as living many years in Germany. He met his lovely German wife as a teenager, married her a few years later, and has been married to her for 13 years. He has a daughter that is 8 years old that is fluent in both English and German who he tries to mold into someone who is intelligent, who makes good decisions, and who everyone loves to be around.

    Professionally, he was trained to manage computer networks by the Marine Corps, then he moved into defense contracting, and spent some time in the non-profit space. He got a business degree in there somewhere as well.

    His job now is to ensure the highest levels of uptime on the computers everyone in the company uses for their day to day work, to bring order to chaos by formalizing/documenting/improving IT processes, and to introduce new technologies to make managing the network easier.

    When not at work, Joe can often be found going out to eat at a wide variety of restaurants, reading to his daughter and teaching her new things, watching Netflix with his wife, and playing any kind of game that involves planning and strategic decision-making. His role models are Jesus, Warren Buffet, and Sun Tzu.


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