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ResMed AirFit N30i Review: How Does it Compare?

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If you’re looking for a quiet and flexible mask, the ResMed AirFit N30i Nasal Cradle CPAP Mask is the right choice! Its top-of-the-head hose connection offers a unique solution for hose tangling, while the nasal cradle design limits facial touch points and prevents skin irritation.

This mask is perfect for active sleepers looking for a minimalistic under-the-nose design. Keep reading to see why our customers say this is one of the best nasal CPAP masks out there!

Today’s AirFit N30i Review will include:

ResMed AirFit N30i At a Glance

ResMed is known for its high-quality masks, and the AirFit N30i is no different! This nasal CPAP mask offers a top-of-the-head hose connection for active sleepers. It also has a sleek nasal cradle, perfect for people with CPAP claustrophobia.

The under-the-nose design minimizes pressure points along the face, especially around the nose. Customers also love that the N30i headgear is interchangeable with the P30i nasal pillows.

both side views of AirFit n30i

AirFit N30i Key Features:

  • Top-of-the-Head Hose Connection With 360° Swivel
  • Nasal Cradle Cushion Minimizes Pressure Points
  • Contoured Seal Moves With You
  • Silicone Hollow Frame Headgear Reduces Red Marks
  • One-Size-Fits-All Head Strap Secured With Two Adjustable Velcro Straps
  • Easy On-and-Off Headgear Slips On Over the Head
  • User-Friendly Assembly With Quick-Release Elbow
  • Snap In-Out Nasal Cradle Is Interchangeable With the P30i Nasal Pillow Cushions
  • QuietAir Vent Technology Produces Less Than 24 Decibels
AirFit N30i Is Ideal ForAirFit N30i Is Not Ideal For
Nasal BreathingHigh Pressure Settings
Very Active SleepersLight Sleepers
Any Sleeping PositionPeople With Severely Limited Dexterity
Watching TV or Reading Before BedVery Small or Very Large Face Shapes
Wearing Glasses 
Nighttime Bathroom Trips
CPAP Claustrophobia
Medical Implant Devices 
Facial Hair

Customer Highlights

PERFECT!— 5 Stars: “This is a game changer. I’ve been using the full face mask for over a year, and it’s been nothing but irritating for me. So the AirFit N30i mask is a live saver. It fits very well and I can sleep in any position without worrying about any leaks or irritating my mouth or causing severe dry mouth like the full face does. So yes, I would definitely recommend this particular nasal mask for the Resmed Air machine.” Verified Purchase 08/28/2023

Unique Headgear Allows for Full Range of MovementHollow Frame Headgear Directs Airflow Near the Ears
Set-It-and-Forget-It Adjustable Headgear Slips Over the HeadNasal Cradle May Leak at High Pressures
Easy Assembly/Disassembly With Quick-Release Elbow Mask May Not Seal Correctly With Facial Hair
Nasal Cradle Design Minimizes Facial Touch PointsLess Adjustable Than Traditional Headgear
Accommodates Any Sleeping Position Top-of-the-Head Elbow May Not Be Suitable for People With Dexterity Issues

The ResMed AirFit N30i Full Review

The AirFit N30i is an excellent CPAP mask that lets you sleep in any position without pulling on your CPAP hose or causing your mask to slip out of place. The N30i features a contoured under-the-nose seal and a simple design that is very easy to use.

Here are the features that stand out to our review team!

Freedom to Move With the Top-of-the-Head Hose Connection With Swivel

The first thing you’ll notice about this mask is the top-of-the-head hose connection, which swivels a full 360°.

This feature makes a huge difference for active sleepers tired of getting tangled in their CPAP hose. With the AirFit N30i, you can toss and turn without having your mask pulled off by your hose.

Under-the-Nose Design Minimizes Pressure Points

The AirFit N30i features an innovative nasal cradle design, which sits just below the nose and seals right around the nostrils.

This under-the-nose cushion is perfect for people with sensitive skin or CPAP claustrophobia because it eliminates pressure points and red marks around the nose and cheeks.

Compact Nasal Cradle Stays in Place In Any Position

The AirFit N30i and AirFit N30 each have nasal cradle-style cushions that seal under your nostrils to minimize facial touching.

However, the N30i cushion is much more compact and fits perfectly along the contours of your nose, even if you have facial hair.

Thanks to the slim, contoured shape, the cushion remains sealed into place even when you sleep on your side or stomach.

Seal Strength Could Leak at High Pressure Settings

This mask has a strong seal that moves with you. However, that compact nasal cradle design can be more prone to mask leaks when used with high pressure settings.

This isn’t necessarily a universal issue. Some reviewers state that the seal remains secure even at moderate to high pressure settings.

Still, others have reported issues maintaining a secure seal when used at higher pressure settings, especially when lying on their side.

Silicone Hollow Frame Reduces Pressure from Headgear

The AirFit N30i has a hollow frame that allows air to flow from the top of the head to the nose. The simple design does away with bulky forehead straps that often create additional pressure across your head.

The mask’s headgear is made with soft-touch silicone, allowing you to rest your head comfortably without creating red marks. You can also purchase cloth headgear wraps for additional padding.

Accordion-Style Headgear Provides Extra Flexibility

Unlike the Philips Respironics DreamWear line, the AirFit N30i features a unique accordion-style frame. This design allows for extra movement and flexibility, which prevents mask slipping.

The accordion design also allows the headgear to fit along the contours of your head. So even when you move around, your headgear moves with you.

QuietAir Vents Minimize Noise

The AirFit N30i features two air vents– one across the front of the mask and the other along the quick-release elbow, which sits at the top of the head.

These air vents are designed to diffuse excess air, muffling the noise level to just 24 decibels. Many of our customers report that their partners love this mask because it is so quiet.

However, you should keep in mind that this design feature only impacts the sound of air released from the mask vents.

The unique hollow frame headgear design directs airflow past the ears, which creates additional sound and may be loud enough to disturb some people.

Quick-Release Elbow Makes It Easy to Disconnect from Your CPAP Hose

This mask includes ResMed’s Quick-Release Elbow, which is featured in each mask in the AirFit product line.

This feature makes it easy to reconnect or disconnect your CPAP hose with one hand. It works by simply squeezing the tabs while pushing the elbow in or pulling it out.

While this feature is incredibly easy to use, the AirFit N30i design places it above the head, which may be difficult to reach if you have dexterity issues.

AirFit n30i next to cushion closeups

Set-It-and-Forget-It Headgear Is Easy to Put On and Take Off

Unlike the AirFit F30i, the N30i design does not require magnetic clips. But that doesn’t mean you’ll struggle with velcro straps each time you put it on!

This placement of the nasal cradle cushion makes it possible to slip this mask over your head without disturbing your headgear straps, making it perfect for midnight bathroom trips.

Because this mask doesn’t include magnetic clips, it is considered safe for people with medical implants, such as a pacemaker.

Cloth Headgear Is Adjustable With Velcro Straps

The hollow frame design secures into place using a soft-cloth head strap that sits along the back of the head and anchors into place just above each ear.

This strap is one-size-fits-all, but each side features an adjustable velcro strap, which is easily tightened once you put the mask on.

Keep in mind the location of this strap may be difficult to adjust if you have severe dexterity issues.

Simple Design Makes Disassembly a Breeze

The AirFit N30i is very easy to maintain. The simple design consists of only four pieces– the nasal cradle cushion, hollow frame headgear, cloth head strap, and quick-release elbow.

The quick-release elbow and easy-pull-apart nasal cradle design make disassembly and reassembly a breeze, whether cleaning your mask or replacing the parts.

AirFit N30i Headgear Is Interchangeable With the AirFit P30i

One of the most convenient features of the AirFit N30i is that it is interchangeable with the P30i nasal pillow mask.

So, if you are struggling to get a strong seal with the nasal cradle, you can switch it out for a more secure nasal pillow.

Simply pull the nasal cradle cushion away from the headgear insert and replace it with the AirFit P30i nasal pillow cushion insert.

Hollow Headgear Creates an Extra Step While Cleaning

The nasal cradle cushion must be wiped down after each use. Like other masks, the N30i must be disassembled and cleaned each week using mild soap and warm water.

Because this mask features hollow headgear, it does require slightly more effort than your standard mask.

When washing your hollow frame headgear, be sure to soak it in warm, soapy water and give it plenty of time to dry before reassembling.

There Are Multiple Sizing Options for the AirFit N30i

The AirFit N30i offers multiple sizing options for the headgear and the nasal cradle cushion. However, the size range isn’t as wide as some other competitors, such as the AirFit N20.

  • Frame Sizes: Small and Standard
  • Cushion Size:Small, Medium, Wide

The accordion-style frame ensures that the headgear is ultra-flexible, allowing it to fit a wider variety of face shapes and sizes.

For an accurate fit, check out ResMed’s AirFit N30i Nasal Cradle Sizing Guide and their AirFit N30i Headgear Sizing Guide!

The AirFit N30i Price Point Is Worth It

The AirFit N30i is offered at a competitive price point, especially when considering all the awesome features you’re getting with this mask.

The materials are durable and high-quality. And you can fall asleep in practically any position! And our customers agree that the ability to sleep comfortably is worth the price point!

Does the AirFit N30i Stand Out From the DreamWear Nasal Mask?

The AirFit N20 isn’t the first mask to offer this unique hose connection. The DreamWear Nasal CPAP Mask by Philips Respironics was released a few years prior.

airfit n30i and dreamwear nasal mask side by side comparison

However, many of our reviewers believe ResMed’s AirFit N30i to be the better, slightly more advanced version of that award-winning mask due to a couple of additional features, such as the accordion-style headgear and quick-release elbow.

That said, some customers love the DreamWear line and swear that the nasal cradle cushion seal is more secure than the AirFit N30i.

Luckily, with our 30-Day Mask Fit Guarantee (offered on all CPAP masks), you can try out either one risk-free to find out which is right for you!

Frequently Asked Questions About the AirFit N30i

What Is the AirFit N30i Cushion Made Of?

The N30i cushion is made of silicone that fits securely under the nose. It is soft on the skin and doesn’t put too much pressure on the nostrils.

What Is the AirFit N30i Headgear Made Of?

The AirFit N30i’s hollow frame headgear is made of soft, flexible silicone. This frame is held in place with soft cloth head straps that secure the frame on either side of the head via two adjustable velcro straps.

How Do You Clean the AirFit N30i Mask?

To clean your CPAP mask, disassemble your mask down to the elbow, hollow frame, head strap, and nasal cradle cushion. Wash each piece with mild soap and warm water. Be sure to submerge the hollow frame in warm, soapy water. Rinse everything thoroughly, including the inside of the frame. Allow each piece to dry before putting the mask back together.

Is the AirFit N30i Suitable for Stomach or Side Sleepers?

The AirFit N30i is one of the best CPAP masks for side sleepers and stomach sleepers, thanks to the top-of-the-head hose connection. Plus, the contoured nasal cradle design lets you lay your head against your pillow without causing your mask to slip off of your face.

What’s Included With the ResMed AirFit N30i Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear?

Your order will include the AirFit N30i manual, the silicone hollow frame headgear in your size choice, the nasal cradle cushion in your size of choice, a quick-release elbow, and a one-size-fits-all cloth head strap.

Alternatives to the ResMed AirFit N30i CPAP Mask

The AirFit N30i has much to offer and is a great CPAP mask if you want a compact cushion and a tangle-free solution for your CPAP hose. However, some people want or need other styles.

Alternatives to the ResMed AirFit N30i include:

  • AirFit N20: A traditional over-the-nose mask with a personalized fit. Perfect for high pressure settings.
  • F&P Evora Nasal Mask: A minimalist nasal CPAP mask that sits under the nose.
  • AirFit P30i: A slim nasal pillow mask with an active sleeper-friendly design.

AirFit N30i Vs. AirFit N20

The AirFit N20 is a very popular mask that is designed to fit 99% of CPAP mask wearers. It offers a traditional over-the-nose design that may be more comfortable for those who need a high-pressure CPAP setting.

airfit n30i and airfit n20 side by side comparison

Similarities between the AirFit N30i and the AirFit N20 include:

  • Compact Cushion Designed to Minimize Pressure Points
  • Set-It-And-Forget-It Headgear That’s Easy to Put On and Take Off
  • Side-Sleeper Friendly
  • Full Swivel CPAP Hose Connection
  • QuietAir Vent Technology
  • Open Line of Sight

Differences between the AirFit N20 and AirFit N30i Mask include:

  • AirFit N20 Offers a More Secure Mask Fit
  • AirFit N30i May Be Louder Due to the Air Flowing Through the Hollow Headgear
  • AirFit N30i Features a Tangle-Free Hose Design With Top-of-the-Head Connection
  • AirFit N30i Is Better for Active Sleepers
  • AirFit N20 Fits Over the Nose While AirFit N30i Features a Nasal Cradle Design
  • AirFit N20 Is Better Suited for High Pressure Settings
  • AirFit N20 Headgear Is Much More Adjustable
  • AirFit N20 Headgear Fits a Wider Range of Faces

Check out our AirFit N20 Review!

AirFit N30i Vs. F&P Evora Nasal CPAP Mask

The F&P Evora Nasal CPAP mask may look different from the top-of-the-head AirFit N30i, but they are both well-suited for side sleepers. The Evora Nasal Mask features a simple headgear design that minimalists love!

airfit n30i and F&P evora side by side comparison

Similarities between the AirFit N30i and F&P Evora Nasal Mask include:

  • Under-the-Nose Cushion
  • Minimal Facial Touch Points
  • Noise Reducing Technology
  • Easy Over-the-Head Design
  • Open Line of Sight
  • Similar Seal Security

Differences between the Evora Nasal Mask and the AirFit N30i include:

  • AirFit N30i’s Top-of-the-Head Hose Connection Is Better for Active Sleepers
  • Evora Nasal Mask Features Unique Cap-Fit Headgear For Extra Security
  • AirFit N30i May Be Louder Due to the Air Flowing Through the Hollow Headgear
  • AirFit N30i Is Better for Active Sleepers
  • AirFit N30i Offers a Full Swivel Hose Connection
  • Evora Nasal Mask Hose Connection Does Not Swivel At All

Check out our F&P Evora Nasal Mask Review!

AirFit N30i Vs. AirFit P30i

The AirFit P30i mask is very similar to the N30i but with one big exception. The P30i offers a nasal pillow cushion, which inserts directly into the nose, while the N30i sits just under the nostrils. The choice between these two masks really comes down to personal preference.

airfit n30i and airfit p30i side by side comparison

Similarities between the AirFit N30i and the AirFit P30i include:

  • Compact Under-the-Nose Cushion
  • Set-It-and-Forget-It Headgear That Slips Over the Head
  • Side and Stomach Sleeper-Friendly Design
  • Top-of-the-Head Hose Connection With Full Swivel
  • Interchangeable Hollow Frame Headgear
  • QuietAir Vent Technology
  • Open Line of Sight

Differences between the AirFit P30i and AirFit N30i Mask include:

  • AirFit P30i Features Nasal Pillows That Insert Into the Nostrils
  • AirFit N30i Has an Under-the-Nose Nasal Cradle Cushion
  • AirFit P30i’s Nasal Pillows May Be a Bit More Secure
  • AirFit N30i Is Less Likely to Cause Irritation Inside the Nose

Check out our AirFit P30i Review!

Final Thoughts

If you breathe through your nose and are looking for a CPAP mask that makes it easy to get comfy without getting tangled up in your equipment, the AirFit N30i is a great option!

Our reviewers love the top-of-the-head hose connection with flexible headgear that moves with you. Plus, the compact nasal cradle design keeps your line of sight wide open and reduces pressure points.

If you’re considering trying this mask after reading today’s AirFit N30i review, remember that at CPAP.com, you can try any of our masks with our 30-day risk-free policy!

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28 Responses

    1. Hi Angel, I am not sure. There is a possibility, but as of now ResMed has not informed us of any changes to expect that will allow the AirFit F30 to be used with the AirMini. We can remain hopeful!

      Please feel free to reach us at: 1-800-356-5221, with further questions, or concerns.

      Have a great weekend!

    2. No it can’t be used with the ResMed Airmini Travel CPAP Machine. I just purchased the ResMed AirFit N30i yesterday and was told it is not compatible with the airmini.

      1. Hey Joyce, that is correct! Hopefully, at some point ResMed will produce an adapter that will allow more masks to be used with the AirMini. As of now the mask options for the AirMini are: AirFit P10 Nasal Pillow, AirFit N20 Nasal, Airfit F20 Full Face, AirTouch F20 Full Face and AirFit F30 Full Face.

        Have a wonderful day!

    3. Angel,
      You have probably worked it out.by now.
      I used the N20 starter pack with air mini standard hosing.
      I then obtained standard 22 mm hose with rubber ends, cut the connector off above the humidification cylinder. The air mini tubing is then inserted into the larger tubing and sealed on the outside with silicone tape. It works fine , no leaks and you can still use humid X if you need.
      Hope this helps while Res Med actually mama a connector for the N30 and P30. (it with be the same).

  1. I user the Resmed P10 and it was much quiet than the new one that I just bought the N30i, It’s so noisy and very hard for me to sleep with that noise, it feels very well on face and comfortable and no air leak. but the noise makes me crazy and hard to fall a sleep…

    1. Hello,

      I am very sorry to hear that your N30i is giving you some noise concerns. This mask is ordinarily considered to be whisper quiet. Since you are having noise concerns, please double-check your mask to make certain that it is connected properly. Also, please be sure that you are using the correct size. If the mask is the wrong size, it will have leaks and in turn you will hear noise.

      If you would like to go through some troubleshooting steps over the phone to see if we are able to determine where the sound is coming from, please feel to reach us at: 1-800-356-5221.

      We wish you the best!

      1. The N30i is the loudest mask I have used. All the air rushing noise is generated at the top elbow. The noise is not dissimilar to when the main hose is disconnected and the air rushes out. The other loud noise is generated when the top exhaust port touches the pillow, which is bound to happen.

        My wife has also complained about the noise this mask generates. She also complains about the exhaust air from the nasal pillow exhaust, which is not diffused that well.

        My P10 is many times quieter than the N30i. I so wish I did not buy this mask.

        1. Hi Steve, i’m very sorry that the N30i, did not work out for you. We understand that every individual person is different and a mask that works perfect for one, may make someone else miserable. This is why CPAP.com has a wide variety of masks to choose from and we offer free 30 day returns on all complete masks sold.

          The Airfit P10, is an excellent mask, so I can see why you’d consider it better than the N30i. If you would like to speak with us further regarding the N30i, or anything else, please feel free to reach us at: 1-800-356-5221, or you may e-mail cpap@cpap.com.

          We wish you the best!

  2. Have used a lot of different masks. N30i is by the best I have used. Hose does not get tangled up. Quiet with one annoying problem. Occasionally during the night there is a high pitched “squeal” which waked me up. Adjust the mask and go back to sleep. Can’t figure out where it is coming from. Love it, other than this.

    1. Hi Jim, we are glad to hear that the N30i seems to be working pretty well for you. The high pitched squeal that you are hearing may be a mask leak. If you would like to go through some troubleshooting, please feel free to reach us at: 1-800-356-5221.

      Enjoy your week!

  3. I previously used the Dreamwear nasal, with my only complaint being frequent skin irritation on my nasal septum. Switched over to the N30i a few months ago, and it has been amazing! Hoping my insurance will cover the next one.

  4. I purchased the N30i and love it. The straps are very comfortable and the mask is very quiet.

    My husband says it is too quiet because he is used to the noise of my old masks and it helps him go to sleep. Guess I’ll have to get him a white noise machine!

    1. Hey Joyce, Lol! Too quiet is a good problem to have in most cases. We are happy to hear that your N30i is working out so well for you! Yes, get your husband the White Noise Machine and continue enjoying your mask!

      We wish you continued success, have a great day!

  5. There is another benefit to the N30i that wasn’t mentioned in this review, that I don’t believe the DreamWear has. I am ASSUMING it doesn’t have it anyway, since I just tried the very new DreamWisp (full nasal mask but uses the same frame system as the N30i/DreamWear uses) and it doesn’t have the benefit. IF the Dreamwear has it, then one would think ALL the new top of head connecting frames would also have it going forward.

    The benefit…..The N30i has a quick connect coupling where the hose connects to the mask. So if you need to get up in the night, you simply press in two tabs (one on either side) and the hose coupling comes off the frame and remains with the hose. No need to pull the hose end off the coupling. It works great and is easier to reattach the hose to the mask again! Surprised this wasn’t mentioned under the UNIQUENESS category.

    1. Hey Jeff, thank you for your feedback regarding the quick release benefit for the N30i. The DreamWear Nasal Mask uses a quick-release swivel to allow users to easily and rapidly remove the mask from the hose when needed. This is the same feature that the N30i has. However, you are correct in stating that the DreamWisp, does not have this feature, it uses magnetic clips in an effort to make it easy to take off and put on the mask.

      Please feel free to reach us with further questions, or concerns at: 1-800-356-5221.

      Enjoy your day!

  6. I tried the N30i and most of it is great except the pillows. The small wide and wide pillows are way to flat and only sit at the bottom of your nose. They don’t keep position if you move around while sleeping. DreamWear pillows come up some on the sides of your nose enough to keep it in place. Wish you had more pillow designs..

    1. Hi Pasco, thank you for your feedback! Hopefully, the manufacturer will add some additional size pillows at some point. Please be sure to sign-up for our newsletter by visiting cpap.com. If other sizes become available, you will receive an e-mail advising.

      Please feel free to reach us with any further questions, or concerns at: 1-800-356-5221, or you may e-mail us at: cpap@cpap.com.

      Enjoy your day!

    1. Hi Alan, my apologies, but we haven’t received any updates from ResMed as to when, or even if at some point the N30i could be used with the AirMini.

      I would encourage you to sign up for our Newsletter on CPAP.com, if you haven’t already. If there are any new, or updated products, we usually announce them in our Newsletter.

      For further questions, or concerns, please feel free to reach us at: 1-800-356-5221.

      Have a great day!

  7. I have been using CPAP since the 1990’s. I have had many different masks. The N30i is the best mask I have ever used. It took a little to fit me. I settled on the small head unit, which surprised me, but it does fit. I tried medium nose but it didn’t fit my nostrils correctly. I went to the standard small. It fits perfectly. I am not a small person but heck if this fits and works great I will take it. No leaks. Low noise. I can sleep in any position except standing on my head. The mask stays where it set when I went to sleep. Very easy to remove. On my other masks I had air constantly leaking and getting into my eyes. Not with the N30i. My other masks put a lot of pressure on my face and on my top teeth, but not the N30i. It just lightly rests under the nose and stays there. If I wake up at night I can put my glasses on if I choose and no issues or I can remove the mask by grasping the nose piece and lightly lifting it off my nose and I can put it back on by reversing the process. I don’t think this could be made more convenient or comfortable. Thanks.

  8. Switched from the nose pillows that sit just inside your nostrils, wish this did. I love the head gear but cannot get it to stop leaking. I’ve tried different size pillows, adjusting the straps, all to no use. If I get lucky and stop the leak, better not blink too hard because it starts leaking again. Plus the noise is awful. I’ve had it for four days now and have had a red face on the machine every time. Going to give it a few more try’s before I switch back.

    1. Hey Mike, i’m sorry to hear that your N30i mask isn’t working out for you. Unfortunately, not all masks will be a good fit for everyone. Please keep in mind that if you purchased your mask from us (CPAP.com), it was sold with free 30 day returns. You may return the mask for a refund, or a different mask.

      Also, we have a new mask that you may be able to get a better seal with. Please see the link below for detailed information on the N30 Mask.


      For further questions, or concerns, please feel free to reach us at: 1-800-356-5221, or you may e-mail us at: cpap@cpap.com.

      Have a great day!

  9. Nikt nie pisze że pduszki N30i są słabej jakości ,używam cpap od 5 miesięcy po 2 miesiącach rozkleiła mi się przy plastiku m którą zareklamowalem,i zacząłem używać rozmiar s i dziś ponownie ten sam problem .

    1. Hey Mariusz, i’m sorry that your mask isn’t working out for you. The experience you’re having with the mask isn’t the experience of most users for that mask. Please keep in mind that each person is different, you may need to select a different mask for your comfort.

      Please feel free to contact us at: 1-800-356-5221 for assistance in selecting a different mask that may fit you better. Also, if you purchased your N30i from CPAP.com, please keep in mind that the mask was sold with free 30 day returns.

      We hope to hear from you soon!

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