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"Not only has this helped with skin irritation on/around my nose, my mask has a better seal in that area. Would recommend to anyone."

November 11, 2011

"Excellent product! Prevents skin irritation and redness without air leakage or discomfort."

January 4, 2017

Product Overview

Formerly the "Sleep Comfort Care Pad," the Gecko Nasal Pad is now owned by ResMed and delivers the same comfort customers came to depend on with the Sleep Comfort Care Pad. The Gecko Pad provides an extra layer of soft padding between the nasal bridge and CPAP mask to to reduce nasal skin irritation, nasal bridge soreness, and mask leaks. The Gecko Pad works with all nasal and full face masks.

Manufactured by ResMed.

Product Features

The Gecko Pad helps prevent:

  • Mask Leaks
  • Nasal Bridge Soreness
  • Nasal Skin Irritation

How to use:

  1. Wash the gel pad in warm water with a mild soap
  2. Rinse well using clear, running water
  3. With logo facing outward, apply the pad to the bridge of the nose, allowing the side flaps to lay around a quarter inch below the eyes, and the top of the pad between the eye brows
  4. Gently apply pressure to the pad to make it adhere to the face
  5. Fit the CPAP mask over pad so that the top of the pad is visible above the mask cushion.
  6. The Gecko Pad should be washed regularly and should be replaced routinely just like a mask cushion.

Watch the video on the Learning Center tab to see how to use the Gecko pad.

Material of the Gecko:

  • Nasal Pad: Polymer Gel Composed of USP Grade Mineral Oil
  • Latex Free: Product Does Not Contain Natural Rubber Latex
  • Silicone Free: Product Does Not Contain Silicone

Sizing Help:

To help decide if a size Large or Small would be better for you, please download the Sizing Template.

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This Product Includes...

  • 1- Pad

Product Specifications

Material Components for Gecko™ Nasal Pad

  • Nasal Pad: Polymer Gel Composed of USP Grade Mineral Oil
  • Latex Free: Product Does Not Contain Natural Rubber Latex
  • Silicone Free: Product Does Not Contain Silicone

Cleaning Instructions for Gecko™ Nasal Pad

  1. Wash using a mild soap in warm water.
  2. Rinse will in clean, clear, running water.
  3. Air dry out of direct sunlight.


  • Do not clean using shampoo of any type. Use mild soap.
  • Do not place in dishwasher.
  • Do not heat in microwave.
  • Keep product away from open flames and direct sunlight.
  • Do not ingest or place in mouth. always offers these services:

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Manufacturer Note

  • Some product images supplied by ResMed © ResMed 2010 Used with Permission.
  • ResMed products are for sale only to patients within the U.S. and not to other third parties or businesses.
  • All services provided by, including advertisement, ordering, sale, delivery, instruction, and setup of the products are performed solely by and independently of the manufacturer.

Important Tips

Sizing Note: The average CPAP user will wear the size Large.

  • Size Small Length = 3 1/4"
  • Size Large Length = 4 1/8"

Instructions for Use of the Gecko Pad

  1. Wash the pad in warm water using a mild detergent before EACH use. Rinse well with running water.
  2. Lay the pad on the bridge of the nose.
  3. The sides of the cushion should lay around a quarter inch below your eyes and and the top of the pad should rest between your eye brows.
  4. The top of the pad should be visible when wearing the CPAP mask.
  5. Fit the mask as usual.

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