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    Product Overview

    The CPAP Hydration Fluid by Aireon Technologies is a patent pending product containing water that is purer than distilled water. The CPAP Hydration Fluid will help reduce contaminants and build-ups in CPAP water chambers left by other types of water.

    Manufactured by Aireon Therapeutics.

    Product Features

    The CPAP Hydration Fluid by Aireon Technologies is purer and safer than distilled water, helping decrease humidifier chamber build-up and cleanup time.


    • Ultra Pure
    • Travel-Friendly Size
    • Convenient Use

    Ultra Pure

    The Hydration Fluid is manufactured using a patented 9 step process and bottled in a class 100,000 cleanroom, helping ensure clean air and therapy.

    Travel-Friendly Size

    Weighing under a pound, the CPAP Hydration Fluid will fit conveniently and discreetly in any suitcase, purse, or travel bag, allowing anyone to travel with pure water without bulky gallons of distilled water.

    Convenient Use

    With 12 fluid ounces of pure water (355 mL), the CPAP Hydration Fluid is single use and will fill most humidifier chambers.

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    This Product Includes...

    • 1 - Bottle of Purified Water (12 fl. oz; 355 mL)

    Product Specifications

    Bottle Weight: .82 pounds (13.12 oz.)

    Each Bottle Contains:

  • Purified Water: 12 fl. oz. (355 mL)
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    Important Tips

    Daily Maintenance

    The CPAP Hydration Fluid is purer than distilled water and will create less build-up in the humidifier chamber; however, it is still recommended to wash the humidifier chamber on a regular basis to ensure the cleanest air and therapy.

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