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    Product Overview

    Apex Medical Apex Tubing Sleeve for 6 Foot CPAP Hoses is a fabric wrap for standard and slim 6 foot CPAP hoses. Cover the CPAP hose with the sleeve to help maintain warm air inside the tube, while reducing the noise of the hose throughout the night.

    Manufactured by Apex Medical.

    Product Features

    The Apex Tubing Sleeve for 6 Foot CPAP Hoses from Apex Medical features two hook and loop tabs located at each end of the sleeve to keep the hose in position. The soft fabric acts as a barrier against the cool air in the room, helping to prevent condensation and rainout in the hose.


  • Simplistic Design
  • Helps Reduce Rainout
  • Increase Comfort

    Simplistic Design

    Simply cover the CPAP hose by opening one end of the sleeve and guiding the hose to the other end. Pull the white tab around the circumference of the hose, and fasten the tab into place at the base of the hose cuff. With the hose secure on one side, follow the same steps and secure the hose at the other end. No tools are necessary!

    Helps Reduce Rainout

    In cooler environments, the warm air traveling from the humidifier through the tube begins to cool and can create rainout or excess water buildup in the hose. Thread the hose through the sleeve to cover it entirely and to maintain a warm atmosphere as the moisture travels to the user.

    Increase Comfort

    To create a softer sleeping environment, the fabric cover is designed to diminish the potential noise of the hose ridges moving against a hard surface. As a added benefit, the cloth may protect the hose from pets and objects. Wrap the hose in the Apex Tubing Sleeve for more peaceful sleep.

  • Return On Warranty Issues Only


    This Product Includes...

    • Tubing Sleeve

    Product Specifications

  • Material Components: Polyester, Hook and Loop Material

  • Dimensions of Tubing Sleeve: 6 ft long

  • Weight of Tubing Sleeve: 2 oz

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    Important Tips

    Compatibility Tips

    The Apex Tubing Sleeve is compatible with all standard and slim 6 foot long hoses.

    Please Note: The cover is not designed for 4 ft, 8 ft, 9 ft or 10 ft hoses.

    Cleaning Tips

    • The Apex Tubing Sleeve should be hand washed regularly.
    • Use a mild soap and warm water when cleaning the cover.
    • After the sleeve has been rinsed thoroughly, let it air dry away from direct sunlight.

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