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Product Overview

From the makers of the original Bed Fan, comes a next-generation bed cooling system, the bFan. The bFan is for anyone who struggles with night sweats or feels "too hot" when trying to sleep at night.

The bFan works by blowing a gentle cooling stream of air from the foot of the bed through the sheets, helping increase comfort for perhaps a better night's sleep.

Manufactured by Tompkins Research, Inc..

Product Features

Struggle with night sweats? Losing sleep from feeling too hot? If so, the bFan could be the answer. The bFan is a next-generation device for cooling bedsheets. It works by providing cooling air between and under the sheets. It helps prevent overheating with a constant flow of air, controlled from the bedside by a remote control.

Since the bFan is doing most of the cooling, it allows for a higher ambient room temperature during the summer, lowering energy bills. It's also 100% American-made, manufactured right in the heart of Texas.

Updated Features from the Original Bed Fan:

  • Increased Stability with Balanced Footing
  • Lower Center of Gravity
  • Increased Airflow
  • Increased Static Pressure
  • Quieter Operation

bFan Product Features:

  • Refreshing Airflow Allows for Sleep Without Overheating
  • Fan Speed and Intensity Controlled by Remote
  • Can Help Reduce Summer Energy Bills
  • Two Sizes Available with Adjustments Ranging from 19 - 37 inches
  • American Made in Texas
  • 1 year Manufacurer's Warranty
  • Can Be Used Internationally

Refreshing Airflow Allows for Sleep Without Overheating

When positioned at the foot of the bed, the bFan blows a constant, cooling stream of air through the sheets. The constant airflow helps reduce night sweats and can help create a more restful sleep.

Fan Speed and Intensity Controlled by Remote

Adjusting the intensity of the airflow is easy! The bFan comes with a remote control, allowing for easy adjustment of the fan speed during the night. Designed for simplicity, the remote's settings make it easy to adjust without needing to consult the owner's manual.

Can Help Reduce Summer Energy Bills

When it's time for bed, relying on the air conditioner to keep cool is the most expensive way to fall asleep. The bFan can help. Because the bFan is doing most of the cooling during sleep, the ambient room temperature can actually be increased during the night. Over time, this strategy can help reduce summer energy bills.

Two Sizes Available with Adjustments Ranging from 19 - 38 inches

Big mattress? Small mattress? No worries! The bFan is available in "Short" which is adjustable from 19 - 28 inches tall, and "Tall" which is adjustable from 28-38 inches tall, accommodating beds of many sizes. It works by supplying air through the sheets, so the blower only needs to extend just over the top of the mattress in order to provide optimal comfort.

100% American-Made! Manufactured in Texas

Like supporting American companies? The bFan is American-Made and manufactured in the heart of Texas.

1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

This device has a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

Can Be Used Internationally

The bFan is a dual-voltage product, able to operate on currents of 100 to 240 volts allowing for the device to be used internationally. You will need to purchase plug adapters like the World Traveler Power Adapter Kit to make it work on international outlets.

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This Product Includes...

  • bFan Bed Cooler in Selected Size
  • Power Cord
  • Wired Remote

Product Specifications

In The Box:

  • bFan Bed Cooler
  • Power Cord
  • Wired Remote

Cord Lengths:

  • 5 Feet from Socket to Power Supply
  • Almost 6 feet (69 inches) from Power Supply to End of Remote
  • 10 Feet from Power Supply to bFan

Country of Origin: USA

Adjustment Range - Short: 19 - 28 inches tall

Adjustment Range - Tall: 28 - 38 inches tall

Manufacturer's Warranty: 1 year always offers these services:

  • 8 am to 8 pm CST Toll Free Phone and Email Support
  • 24 hour access to our Support Forum
  • Learning Center for information on sleep apnea and cpap equipment
  • Consumer Purchasing Trends Reports
  • Warranty Services for all items purchased through
  • Insurance Compliant Invoices
  • Free Prescription Request System

Important Tips

Tips for Finding the Right Temperature

It may take some adjusting to find the optimal fan speed and room temperature. For starters, if the room temperature is too cool, and the fan speed is too high, it may make the customer feel too cold when used.

By making slight adjustments to room temperature and fan speed, it's possible to find the right balance between the two and create an optimal environment that will help reduce energy costs.

The manufacturer recommends the following process:

  1. Start the bFan on the lowest setting, and slowly work up to higher settings until comfortable. The objective is for the fan to be using half power and for the user to still feel cool.
  2. At the same time, gradually increase room temperature each night. Generally, it's understood that the higher the temperature (during summer), the greater the savings on energy. Increasing the room temperature until comfortable will help reduce overall electric costs.

How to Install the bFan

The manufacturer recommends the following process for setting up the bFan for the first time:

  1. Plug the bFan in, and position the fan so the motor slides under the foot of the bed.
  2. Slide the air scoop over top of the shaft, and position it so the scoop is covered by the top sheet on top, and the bottom sheet underneath the scoop.
  3. While holding the air scoop in place, mark the position on the shaft at the very bottom of the scoop.
  4. Affix the tabs in place exactly at the marked point on either side of the shaft. The air scoop will need to rest on these tabs to stay at the correct height.
  5. Slide the air scoop down the shaft, with the bottom resting on the tabs on either side.
  6. Tuck in the sheets tightly around the air scoop, and flip the comforter over. The bFan is now ready for use.

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