DC to DC Cable for C-100 & Freedom Travel Battery Packs for CPAP Machines

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    DC to DC Cable for C-100 & Freedom Travel Battery Packs for CPAP Machines

    Manufactured by Battery Power Solutions.

    Product Features

    The DC to DC Cable for C-100 & Freedom Travel Battery Packs for CPAP Machines is used to recharge a C-100 Battery or Freedom Battery directly from another DC source using a power socket such as a cigarette lighter socket in a vehicle. A fully discharged battery will reach full charge in approximately 4 to 5 hours.

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    This cable is appropriate for use with a 12v power outlet (cigarette lighter socket) in a vehicle with the motor running. If the vehicle is not running the C-100 battery and the Freedom battery will not charge as a minimum of 12.6 volts is required.

    Connector Tip Note: The DC to DC cable connects to the C-100 battery & the Freedom battery using a size "N" connector tip. The connector tip is NOT included with this cable. The connector tip comes with the C-100 & Freedom Battery Packs.

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    This Product Includes...

    • DC to DC Cable

    Product Specifications

    Required Output From DC Source: Minimum 12.6V

    Charge Time From Empty: Approximately 4 to 5 Hours / Battery

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    Important Tips

    Connector Tip "N" Required For Charging: Locate the connector tip labeled "N" included with the C-100 & Freedom Travel Battery Packs. This product does not include the connector tip.

    Instructions: The manufacturer provides the following instructions for charging the C-100 battery using the DC to DC cable; the same apply for the Freedom battery. Instructions for charging a single battery and dual batteries are included. The estimated charge time, from a zero charge level is approximately 4 to 5 hours for EACH battery.

    Instructions for Using the BPS DC to DC Charge Cable

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