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Top Review

"I am so spoiled by the mask, it appears I must finally replace the cushion, as I wear it EVERY night. "

November 8, 2012

Product Overview

Manufactured by Circadiance.


This Product Includes...

  • Soft Cloth Cushion

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Important Tips

This cushion is for use only with the SleepWeaver Elan mask.

Where do I find the size?

To find the size of the SleepWeaver Elan™ Soft Cloth Nasal CPAP Mask, turn the mask to view the bottom of the cloth mask. With the cushion flaps facing the user, the information can be found by looking to the left of the mask seam. The word "S M A L L," "R E G U L A R," or "L A R G E" will be written out depending on the size of the cushion.

Cleaning Instructions

Do NOT use baby shampoo to clean SleepWeaver masks.

Circadiance recommends using a mild, non-abrasive detergent that is not anti-bacterial and has a low oil content to wash the SleepWeaver masks and headgear. Liquid Tide is one example of a mild, non-abrasive, low oil detergent product. However there are many other appropriate products available for use.

Circadiance also suggests not to use an oil based soap when washing the SleepWeaver masks and headgear. Circadiance recommends against using baby shampoo which does contain oils.

Hand wash the Elan and headgear using warm (do not use hot) water and a mild, non-abrasive, non-antibacterial soap. Remove the elbow and rings before washing. After washing and rinsing, allow the mask to air dry, laying flat. Do not place the mask in the clothes dryer. The manufacturer suggests washing the elan daily and the headgear once a week.

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