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    Product Overview

    If you set your CPAP machine on your nightstand, you run the risk of water damage ruining the tabletop. What's worse, if your machine moves during the night it can cause scratches, while vibrations can create unwanted noise. What to do?

    Like having a coaster for a beverage, the Black Knight PLUS CPAP Protector Mat serves the exact same purpose for your CPAP machine, protecting your furniture from costly water damage, while also helping to cool the CPAP machine and reduce extra noise as it runs. It will also help prevent scratches on the surface of your furnishings and keep the CPAP machine in one place—even if you move around a lot.

    Manufactured by cpapology.

    Product Features

    You paid good money for your nightstand, so why would you subject it to damage from a CPAP machine? A spill from the humidifier or scratches from the device can ruin your furniture. Just like you wouldn't let anyone set a drink on wood furnishings without a coaster, your CPAP machine shouldn't sit directly on your nightstand without protection.

    That's where the Black Knight PLUS CPAP Protector Mat can help. The Black Knight is a protective mat that guards your furniture against abuse from your CPAP machine. It can defend your furniture against water, scratches, dings, chips and other damage. It can also double as a handy drying mat for your CPAP supplies and other accessories. Using it is a win-win, one that protects your furniture while providing added convenience when cleaning.

    Features & Benefits

    • Protects Against Water Damage
    • Eliminates Scratches and Dings
    • Reduces Noise from Vibrations
    • Helps Protect Your Device from Overheating

    Protects Against Water Damage

    Don't let spills from your CPAP machine damage your nightstand! By using the handy protector mat, you're keeping your nightstand dry—as it should be. Don't take chances! Protect your investment with the Black Knight Protector Mat, a water-resistant surface for your CPAP machine to sit on, creating extra space between the table and your device.

    Eliminates Scratches and Dings

    If your CPAP machine moves in the night, it can create unsightly scratches that cause damage to a piece that may have cost hundreds of dollars. The Black Knight keeps your machine off the surface of the table, so it never makes contact and can't damage your nightstand. It also has a traction-grip top, designed to keep the CPAP machine from sliding during the night.

    Reduces Noise from Vibrations

    When your CPAP device is working its hardest, it can create unwanted vibrations that make extra noise. Put it to a stop by adding an extra layer between the table and the machine, so it reduces the impact of the vibrations on the wood.

    Helps Protect Your Device from Overheating

    When your CPAP machine rests directly on a table or other surface, the heat from the bottom of the machine radiates out and can lead to overheating. This is especially true if you keep your humidifier on a high-heat setting. This extra heat can damage the finish on the table while subjecting your machine to higher temperatures. The Black Knight creates a layer of separation between the table and the device so it is less likely to overheat while protecting your nightstand.

    Works With Almost Every CPAP Machine

    The mat measures 13.75 inches x 9 inches, so it can accommodate almost any modern CPAP machine, including the DreamStation with Heated Humidifier! It will also work with the ResMed AirSense 10 and other modern ResMed devices.

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    Product Specifications

    • Package Contents: 1 mat
    • Dimensions: 13.75 inches x 9 inches always offers these services:

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    Important Tips

    How to Use

    1. Position the mat on the table so the traction-grip top is facing up.
    2. Set your CPAP machine on top of the individual grooves.
    3. Turn on your CPAP machine.

    Cleaning Instructions

    You should consider cleaning when soiled. There are no restrictions on what types of cleaner can be used to clean the mat. The mat should be completely dry before attempting to use it with your CPAP machine to prevent water damage.

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