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CPAPology Sleep Noodle - Medium

BY cpapology Item #CY-K8302
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Item # CY-K8302

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Sleep Noodle
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Item # CY-K8302

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CPAPology Sleep Noodle - Medium Overview

The CPAPology Sleep Noodle is an anti-snoring device that trains you to sleep on your side, which helps keep your airways open and reduces snoring. Designed for those with a chest width of 32 to 44 inches, the medium-sized Sleep Noodle is a form of positional therapy that features a breathable belt and foam wedge that helps prevent you from rolling onto your back while you sleep.

Learn More About the CPAPology Sleep Noodle:

  • Breathable Mesh Belt Offers Comfortable Fit and Helps Prevent Slipping
  • Long-Lasting Device Keeps Up With Your Nightly Routine
  • Low–Tech Solution Allows You to Go Off–the–Grid
  • Three Sizes Available to Accommodate Various Body Types