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Gel Cushion for EasyFit and Soyala Nasal CPAP Mask

BY Drive | DeVilbiss Item #DV97313
$19.95 $43.95
3 Reviews
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$19.95 $43.95
3 Reviews
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Easyfit and Soyala Nasal Gel Cushion Overview

The replacement Gel Cushion for the EasyFit and Soyala Nasal Mask comes as a single gel cushion in your desired size: small, medium, or large. All three sizes fit on either the EasyFit or Soyala Nasal CPAP Mask

The patented gel technology used on this cushion conforms to the curves of your face, while also being extremely soft to the touch and very comfortable.

What's Included

  • Gel Cushion in Preferred Size

The original Somnotech Soyala nasal mask frame will accept EasyFit cushions and forehead supports, gel or nasal. The frames are not interchangeable in size and will accept its specific size cushion.

  • Small Frame = Small Cushion
  • Medium Frame = Medium Cushion
  • Large Frame = Large Cushion

Where do I find the size?

To find the size of the nasal cushion locate the point on the flat bottom of the nasal mask, were the ribbing connects the mask frame to the nasal cushion. On the gel cushion above the ribbing, an embossed letter will indicate the size of the corresponding nasal cushion.