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  • EBB Insomnia Therapy Device
  • EBB Insomnia Therapy Device
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EBB Insomnia Therapy Device
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Ebb CoolDrift Luxe Sleep Aid Device

BY Ebb Therapeutics Item #GW100

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Ebb Sleep System Overview

Every night, millions of Americans go to bed with an overactive mind. You know the symptoms. You relive your whole day and all the stressful moments. You worry about your family. Or you plan for tomorrow; thinking about the next day, month, or year. Too often these thoughts consume you, keeping you awake for hours.

If this sounds like you, you'll be pleased to know that there's a solution that's drug-free and effective, designed to naturally quiet the mind and give you the restful sleep you deserve. You won't need sleeping pills, prescriptions, or alcohol. It's called the EBB CoolDrift Luxe and it uses gentle cooling technology to calm your mind to help you gently drift off to sleep.

When you toss and turn at night, the frontal cortex of your brain is especially active. By cooling the frontal cortex, you'll be working to slow your mind down. The EBB CoolDrift Luxe uses a comfortable headband to cool this area (located around your forehead) to the target temperature so your brain can find relief.

The makers of this device conducted scientific research to see if this device could be clinically proven to help you fall asleep safely and effectively. After conducting research and testing for thousands of hours on hundreds of patients, the results affirmed the science and the device was offered to the public. Keep reading to see the highlights of this groundbreaking research.

Features & Benefits

  • 60-Night Risk-Free Trial
  • Sleep Longer & More Restfullly
  • Effective Drug-Free Therapy
  • Convenient Alarm for Waking Up
  • Scientifically Proven to Improve Sleep Quality
  • Durable and Comfortable
  • No Prescription Needed

60 Day Risk Free Trial! No Prescription Needed!

The Ebb CoolDrift Luxe is available without a prescription so that you can bring it home for 60 days, to see if it's for you. If you're unhappy for any reason, you can return it for a complete refund.

Sleep Longer and More Restfully

The Ebb CoolDrift Luxe syncs with your natural brainwaves to restfully calm your mind so you can get a longer and more restful sleep. Wear it all night, and not only will you fall asleep more effectively, you'll stay asleep for a longer period of time. When it's time to wake up, you won't be the one hitting the snooze button. You'll be alert and rested—ready to go!

Effective Drug-Free Therapy

Fall asleep naturally and without relying on drugs, medications, or prescriptions. The Ebb CoolDrift Luxe is different. It uses patented cooling technology and decades of scientific research to create the perfect device for falling asleep that has no side-effects or after-effects. It just simply works.

Convenient Alarm for Waking Up

When it's time to wake up and face the day, the Ebb CoolDrift Luxe will gently bring you out of sleep using the built-in alarm clock. It's called the "GentleWake" feature, and it works by turning off the cooling pad 30 minutes before you're scheduled to wake up. As the cooling dissipates, your brain activity returns to normal, waking you up naturally.

Scientifically Proven to Improve Sleep Quality

The Ebb CoolDrift Luxe is cutting-edge technology created from neurological research and is scientifically proven to improve sleep. The patented headband cools very specific parts of your forehead, patterned from a map of the frontal cortex, so you'll know it's targeting the right areas.

Durable and Comfortable

The headband you'll be wearing is durable and comfortable—designed to be worn all night long without interruptions. The forehead pad is held in place by an adjustable strap that keeps it in place. The headband is connected by a tube to the control panel that would rest on your nightstand.

Scientific Research Highlights

"Three additional independent clinical studies were conducted in seven prestigious sleep centers across the U.S. on more than 230 patients. Over 3,800 research nights, Ebb demonstrated the safety and effectiveness of its precise cooling."

-SLEEP 2017; Abstract 0381

"Dr. Nofzinger’s clinical study published in 2009 demonstrated that applying precise, constant cooling to the forehead of individuals with sleeplessness led to significant reductions in metabolic activity in the frontal cortex of the brain. These reductions in activity allowed participants to fall asleep faster and achieve better sleep across the night."

-SLEEP 2009; Abstract 0881

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Ebb CoolDrift Luxe Sleep Aid Device

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