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Quartz Eye Shield

BY Eyeeco Item #10112
17 Reviews

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

Eyeeco Quartz Eye Shield Contents
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17 Reviews

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

Quartz Eye Shield Overview

The Quartz Eye Shield is a soft silicone-based mask that seals around the eyes to prevent dryness due to airflow. It is a clear mask that does not obstruct vision and may be worn anytime to protect eyes from losing moisture.
The Quartz Eye Shield, like the Onyix Eye Shield, is worn to prevent eyes from drying out due to lack of moisture. CPAP masks can leak air into the eyes, causing dry red eyes. The Quartz provides a seal that blocks the airflow from reaching the eyes.

The Quartz is a great alternative to the Onyix Eye Shield for those people who want to seal out the air leaks, but also want to be able to easily see with the mask on.

The Quartz is a clear, lightweight shield which fits over the eyes like swimming goggles. It is fastened by using an adjustable microfiber headgear. Unlike the Onyix, The Quartz can be used while awake or asleep. It can be worn directly underneath any CPAP headgear.