Fisher & Paykel Simplus Full Face Mask Assembly Kit

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    "The best mask i ever had . must have . very very very comfortable."

    February 9, 2015

    Product Overview

    Mask assembly kits provide a way to refresh your mask without purchasing the full mask. This is the Simplus Full Face CPAP Mask Assembly Kit and includes the Simplus Full Face mask without the headgear.

    Manufactured by Fisher & Paykel.

    Product Features

    Fisher & Paykel offers the Simplus Full Face Mask, a very easy to use full face mask with a reliable fit and seal. The Simplus Full Face Mask Assembly Kit is the entire mask only. The headgear can be ordered separately: Headgear for Simplus Full Face CPAP Mask. This is a full face mask and covers both the nose and mouth.


    • Minimal Design
    • Lightweight Frame
    • Simple Cushion

    Minimal Design

    Simplicity is the goal of the Simplus Full Face Mask. The parts of the mask are lightweight to reduce weight on the face and increase sleep comfort.

    Lightweight Frame

    The frame of the Simplus is straightforward and effective. A single clip locks the cushion to the frame making the mask easy to separate for cleaning. The ball and joint elbow moves freely to accommodate active sleepers. Any size Simplus cushion can be used with the Simplus frame.

    Simple Cushion

    The RollFit Seal of the cushion rolls on the nose and allowing it to shift and reduce stress on the bridge of the nose. Three sizes of cushion are available: Small, Medium and Large. If a different size is needed, no need to order a whole new mask, a replacement cushion in the new size can be ordered and placed on the existing frame.

    This product is the mask only and does NOT include the headgear. Interested in purchasing the entire Simplus Full Face with Headgear? Visit CLICK HERE.

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    This Product Includes...

    • 1- Mask in Selected Size

    Product Specifications

    Simplus Mask Materials:

    • Mask Base: Polycarbonate
    • Elbow with Non-Rebreathing Valve: Polycarbonate / Silicone
    • Swivel: Polycarbonate + Teflon
    • Silicone Seal: Silicone / Polycarbonate
    • Headgear: Nylon + Lycra / Polyurethane Foam Laminate
    • Buckle: Polypropylene
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    Important Tips

    This is the Simplus Mask ONLY. The headgear is NOT included with this purchase.

    Cushion Note: The cushion of the Simplus is attached to an acrylic shell and they cannot be separated from each other. This is meant to be permanently attached for easier assembly. Any size Simplus Cushion can be used with the Simplus Frame.

    Headgear Size Note: The Simplus Headgear is available in two sizes: Small and Medium/Large. The size Small mask comes packaged with the Small headgear. The Medium and Large sizes come packaged with the Medium/Large headgear. HEADGEAR IS NOT INCLUDED WITH THIS PRODUCT.

    Where do I find the size?

    The mask frame does not have an identifiable size because it offers a universal fit to each of the Simplus Full Face Mask cushions.

    The size of the cushion can be found on either side of the full face cushion. Hold the mask with the elbow facing the user. Then, turn the mask to the left or right to view the profile of the full face cushion. Near the middle of the cushion, the user will see a clear, embossed letter imprinted into an indention beginning at the bridge of the nose. The letter represents the size of the full face cushion.

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