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Heat Moisture Exchange Unit for CPAP Machines

BY Human Design Medical Item #HD60-2100
$4.99 $5.95
194 Reviews

Item # HD60-2100

Not Currently In Stock

Heat Moisture Exchange Unit for Z1 Travel CPAP Machine
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$4.99 $5.95
194 Reviews

Item # HD60-2100

Not Currently In Stock

Heat Moisture Exchange Unit for CPAP Ma Overview

The Heat Moisture Exchanger (HME) for CPAP Machines offers a waterless humidification alternative to the traditional humidifier used during CPAP therapy. The HME traps the humidity from your exhaled breath and recirculates when you breathe in so you’ll never have dry mouth. Now you can ditch the distilled water and explore farther than you ever thought possible!

The HME will work with any CPAP mask that doesn’t have a short tube. A “short tube” is about six inches to one foot long and extends out and away from the mask, giving you a little extra slack for extra movement. Examples of masks that use a short tube include the AirFit P10 and the AirFit N20.

Heat Moisture Exchanger (CPAP HME) Features and Benefits:

  • Extremely Portable (Perfect for Travel)
  • Comfortable Sleep Therapy Anywhere
  • Less Expensive
  • Less Messy
  • No Regular Cleaning
  • Works With Almost Any CPAP Machine
  • Compatible With Most CPAP Masks

All you need to do is connect the moisture unit between your mask and machine hose. From there, you'd breathe. That's all there is to it.

What’s Included:

  • 1 Replacement Heat Moisture Exchanger Unit.
  • This is the HME only and does not include any other machine parts.

Use for Up to 7 Nights Before Needing Replacement

Manufacturer testing has shown the HME can be used for up to seven nights before being replaced.