• Heat Moisture Exchange Unit for Z1 Travel CPAP Machine
Heat Moisture Exchange Unit for Z1 Travel CPAP Machine
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Heat Moisture Exchange Unit for CPAP Machines

BY Human Design Medical Item #HD60-2100

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Heat Moisture Exchange Unit for CPAP Ma Overview

The Heat Moisture Exchange Unit for CPAP Machines is a waterless humidification option available for nearly every CPAP machine and mask. Designed to re-use moisture from your exhaled breath, the Heat Moisture Exchange Unit offers an alternative to water-based humidification to provide a solution to drying out from CPAP air.

Take it with you on your next flight or outdoor adventure, with less to pack and minimal mess. It also uses no electricity, so it won't be a drain on your CPAP battery pack!

The Heat Moisture Exchange Unit can provide the following benefits:

  • Extremely Portable
  • Less expensive
  • Less messy
  • No regular cleaning
  • Works with almost any machine
  • Compatible with most CPAP masks

All you need to do is connect the moisture unit between your mask and machine hose. From there, you'd breathe. That's all there is to it.

Use for Up to 7 Nights Before Needing Replacement

Manufacturer testing has shown the heat moisture exchange unit can be used for up to seven nights before being replaced. This is the HME only and does not include any other machine parts.

CPAP Machine Compatibility

The HME is designed to work with almost any CPAP machine, so you'll never need to worry if it's compatible.

Past customers have used it with success on the following machines. This is not a complete list:

  • Z2 Auto
  • Z1 Auto
  • Transcend Auto
  • Transcend 3

And many other machines too!

Both the HME device and the Z2 and Z1 Series machines are manufactured by Human Design Medical, making the pairing a perfect fit.

CPAP Mask Compatibility

Here are some examples of compatible masks. This is not a complete list:

  • AirFit F30
  • AirFit F20
  • AirTouch F20
  • Simplus Full Face
  • ComfortGel Blue Nasal
  • ComfortGel Blue Full Face
  • UltraMirage II
  • UltraMirage

And many other masks too!

When selecting a mask, please note the Heat Moisture Exchange Unit for CPAP Machines will not work with masks that have a short tube extended from the mask frame, such as nasal pillow masks. It is also not compatible with the AirMini or AirMini masks.

DreamWear masks are not compatible as the elbow is not close to the nose. The HME must be very close to the moisture of exhaled air to function properly. It must be connected to a mask with a simple elbow in order to give optimal results.

Two Different Sized Openings

There are two different size openings on the heat moisture exchange unit. The wider opening is designed to connect to the mask, while the thinner opening connects to the long hose attached to the machine.

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