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Product Overview

Manufactured by Pad A Cheek.

Product Features

Helps Reduce Red Marks & Irritation

Red marks and irritation are two common problems with CPAP therapy that can happen to anyone. Despite the best efforts of CPAP mask manufacturers, sometimes headgear can dig into the skin, creating painful indentations and leaving marks that linger for hours after therapy. That's where the Pad-a-Cheek Strap Pads for the AirFit P10 can help!

Strap pads are designed to provide extra cushion to the headgear straps of the AirFit™ P10. This is designed to prevent the headgear from cutting into the sides of your cheeks while making the straps more comfortable to wear.

Uses Velcro to Strap Into Place

The Pad-a-Cheek Strap Pads for the AirFit™ P10 use velcro to create a cradle around the mask pads themselves, reducing the likelihood that your cheeks will be affected by the tightness of your headgear.

Helps Make Therapy More Comfortable

If you aren't comfortable when using your CPAP machine, you'll be less likely to stick with it. That's why it's important to give yourself every advantage when it comes to making your therapy comfortable. Investing in headgear strap covers will make it easier to stick with your therapy long-term, by making your therapy more comfortable. This will allow you to reap the benefits of CPAP therapy, including having more energy, increased stamina, and reduced brain fog.

Designed for the AirFit™ P10 and the AirFit™ P10 for Her

These soft fabric mask pads are designed exclusively for the AirFit™ P10 and the AirFit P10 for Her, and conform to the unique shape of the headgear. Intended for removing much of the discomfort from the P10, these fabric wraps will be useful to anyone looking to give their therapy experience an upgrade.

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This Product Includes...

  • Velcro Straps (2)
  • Instruction Manual

Product Specifications

  • Product Content: Two (2) Fabric Wraps with Velcro
  • Materials Used: Micro-Fleece, Velcro
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash in warm water. If using the washing machine, wash on cold and dry on lowest heat settings, as product can warp if too much heat is used. always offers these services:

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Important Tips

Care Instructions

For best results, hand wash with warm water and the same soap you would use on your hands. While the fabric wraps can be washed in a washing machine, this is risky. The fleece fabric wraps can warp if too much heat is used. If you use the washing machine, wash on cold and dry on the lowest heat setting possible. This will reduce the likelihood that the fabric wraps will warp.

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