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Replacement Cushion for Zzz-Mask Full Face CPAP Mask - Detachable Cushion Model

BY PMI Probasics Item #780S
12 Reviews
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Cushion for Original Zzz-Mask Full Face - Detachable Model
Version Two of Zzz-Mask Contrasted with Original Zzz-Mask (Detachable Cushion)
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12 Reviews
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Zzz-Mask Full Face Cushion Overview

The replacement Full Face Cushion for the Zzz-Mask come as a single cushion in your desired size: small, medium, or large. All three sizes fit on the Zzz-Mask Full Face CPAP Mask.

This cushion works with the original, detachable cushion model Zzz-Mask Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear. Be aware, for a time the cushion for the Zzz-Mask Full Face COULD NOT be not detached. This replacement cushion will not work with that version of mask.

This product only includes the full face cushion and no other products.

What's Included:

  • 1 Replacement Full Face Cushion in Desired Size

Design Notes

  • In mid 2013 the Zzz-Mask Full Face returned to its original design with a detachable cushion.
  • For approximately two years prior to this the mask was produced with a cushion that COULD NOT be removed and replaced.
  • The sizing was the same between the two versions.
  • The headgear was the same between the two versions, although there were slight design changes to the headgear during its lifetime.
  • The headgear clips are either purple or clear and function alike no mater the color.

Sizing Guide

You can download, print and cutout the ProBasics sizing gauge for this mask here:

Zzz Full Face Mask Fitting Guide

Where do I find the size?

To find the size of the full face cushion, turn the mask so the elbow is facing the user. On the silicone material below the elbow, locate the embossed letters that detail the size of the full face cushion. If the mask is being held within the frame, the word "S M A L L," "M E D I U M," and "L A R G E" will be found just below the elbow and before the rim of the frame.