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    "Am looking forward to using the extra far the shorter reach has worked great"

    June 16, 2014

    Product Overview

    The RoMax Thin Style 6 Foot BreatheLight Tubing is a slimmer, lighter and more flexible tubing option. It is compatible with machines which have a 15mm or slimline setting.

    Manufactured by Romax.

    Product Features

    The RoMax Thin Style 6 Foot BreatheLight Tubing is a more flexible 15mm hose. It firmly grips both the mask and the machine. The cuff is flexible rubber.

    The BreatheLight is compatible with all masks but works especially well with smaller, lightweight options since it is less likely to pull on the mask or break the cushion seal.

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    Product Specifications

    • Length = 72 inches
    • Diameter = 15mm
    • Weight = 0.162 lbs (2.592 oz) always offers these services:

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    Important Tips

    Hose Diameters

    The original or 'standard' diameter for a hose used with CPAP therapy is 22mm and can be used with the majority of CPAP, Auto Adjusting and BiLevel or BiPAP machines. Some machines require a 15mm tubing referenced as "Thin" or "SlimLine™" and are designed to work ONLY with a 15mm hose. Other machines allow for the selection of either a 22mm or a 15mm hose. Still other machines use ONLY a heated hose specific to that line of devices and cannot use a non-heated hose of any diameter.

    This hose, the Thin Style 6 Foot BreatheLight Tubing, is a small diameter size of 15mm, non-heated hose. It is compatible machines that can use a 15mm hose.

    Other Notes

    Never use this tube on machines other than a properly configured Resmed S9™, AirSense™ 10, AirCurve™ 10 and AirStart™ 10 series of machines. The device will not provide the prescribed pressure.

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