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    Product Overview

    Compatible with the Transcend Travel line of machines, some of the world's smallest CPAPs, the Solar Charger for Transcend Batteries adds another layer of portability by allowing the Transcend Travel machines to be used anywhere there is direct sunlight available.

    Manufactured by Somnetics.

    Product Features

    The Solar Charger for Transcend Batteries is a foldable solar panel that when placed in direct sunlight will charge the Transcend Multi-Night Battery. The Multi-Night battery can be charged in approximately 12 hours in direct sunlight. It will also charge the Transcend Overnight Battery, which is no longer available for purchase, in approximately 6 hours. These times may vary depending on the UV index. These batteries connect directly to the solar charger without the need of converters or inverters.

    When folded, the solar charger measures 12.5 in L x 7 in W x 1.25 in H and weighs 0.7 lbs. Unfolded, the solar charger measures 34.5 in L x 12.5 in W.

    Please note, this solar charger will only work with the Transcend Overnight (No Longer Available) and Multi-Night batteries which are for use with the:

    This is the solar charger only and does not include a Transcend machine or battery.

    Return On Warranty Issues Only


    This Product Includes...

    • Solar Charger

    Product Specifications

    Folded Dimensions: 12.5 in L x 7 in W x 1.25 in H

    Open, Flat Dimensions: 34.5 in L x 12.5 in W

    Weight: 0.7 lbs

    Power: 13 - 14W

    Operating Temperature: 32° - 113°F (0-45°C)

    Storage Temperature: -4° - 140°F (-20-60°C)

    Warranty: 1 year always offers these services:

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    Important Tips

    Compatibility Note: Please note that this solar charger is only compatible with the Transcend Overnight or Multi-Night battery, it is not compatible with any other batteries.

    Solar Panel Instructions

    1. Detach Velcro Fastener
    2. Unfold panel to maximum size
    3. Place in direct sunlight
    4. Attach the battery to the solar panel
    5. Only the LED light on the solar panel will turn on. The battery LED light will not turn on. Outside in sunlight, the LED light should be "shaded" from bright sunlight in order to see whether or not it is lit.
    6. Solid RED LED = Charging
    7. Solid GREEN LED = Fully Charged
    8. Protect the battery from extreme temperatures. Place the battery and the charging port (gray box) under a cloth or cover.
    9. The solar panel is water resistant. The batteries are not and steps must be taken to keep them dry.
    10. After use, wipe the solar panel dry and remove debris. Clean and dry the charging port after each use.
    11. Do not fold and store the solar panel when it is damp - allow to dry first.
    12. Do not fold or crease the solar panels themselves, this could prevent them from functioning in the future.

    Click here to view and print the full instruction sheet: Solar Charger for Transcend Batteries Instruction Sheet.

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