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Zeo Sleep Manager Pro Mobile

BY Zeo Item #ZEOMBLP, ZEO301

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

Item # ZEOMBLP, ZEO301

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Zeo Sleep Manager Pro Mobile with Graphs (Phone Not Included)
Headband for Zeo Mobile Sleep Manager Pro
Zeo Pro Mobile - Box Closed
Zeo Pro Mobile - Boxed & Open
Zeo Sleep Manager Display Detail
Zeo Sleep Manager Detail - Caffeine Intake
Zeo Mobile in Use (Only Sensor & Headband Included)
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Sorry, this item is no longer available.

Item # ZEOMBLP, ZEO301

Not currently in stock

Zeo Sleep Manager Pro Mobile Overview

Zeo Sleep Manager Pro Mobile is designed to wirelessly track sleep and provide a detailed report to a smartphone device. The Zeo gives a daily data assessment and offers suggestions on how the quality of sleep may be improved through lifestyle and sleep environment changes.

The Zeo Sleep Manager Pro Mobile uses the wireless Softwave™ Sensor to transmit sleep data to your smartphone during each sleep session. Find out how long it takes to fall asleep, the number of awakenings, and how much time is spent in REM, Light and Deep sleep.


  • SoftWave Sensor & Adjustable Headband
  • Bluetooth® Data Transmission
  • Nightly Sleep Report
  • Online Zeo Account and Tools
  • ZQ - Sleep Quality Score
  • SmartWake Alarm
  • iPhone, iPad & iPod Compatible - iOS 4.3 & Higher
  • Android Device Compatible - Android 2.1 & Higher
  • Charge via Computer or Wall Outlet
  • No Rx Required

SoftWave Sensor Transmitter and Headband

Using Bluetooth technology, the Zeo SoftWave sensor sends data to your smartphone device while you sleep. Using a lightweight, adjustable headband, position the senor on the forehead and adjustable to find the best fit. Review the quality of sleep using the online sleep Account and Tools. The Bluetooth will transmit up to 25 feet.

Sleep Data

Zeo tracks sleep stages throughout the night sending the information directly to the Zeo Sleep Manager mobile app. An online MyZeo Sleep Account and related tools come with this purchase, just follow the included instructions to set up an account. Available data includes:

  • time to fall asleep
  • time spent in Light, REM and Deep sleep
  • number of waking
  • Sleep History

Information is displayed in graphs and charts for easy viewing. The ZQ - Sleep Quality Score - is generated after 7 nights of use offering a better understanding or sleep patterns along with suggestions for improving sleep quality.

SmartWake Alarm

The Zeo uses SmartWake to alert the user at the optimal wake time in the sleep cycle which leads to feeling more refreshed and ready for the day. Set the alarm window to alert with an audible beeping alarm within a range of of time. The beeping begins softly and increases until the user is awake.

Zeo Compatibility

The Zeo is designed to link up with a smartphone device using Bluetooth and can communicate with both Apple and Android products, as long as the operating system of the device is at or above the required level. iPhone, iPad & iPod using iOS 4.3 & Higher are compatible as are Android devices using the operation system Android 2.1 & Higher.

Charging Options

The Zeo Sleep Manager Pro SoftWave sensor can be charged in two ways:

  • Via a computer using the included micro USB cable
  • Use standard 110V wall outlet power and the included power supply
A full charge will be reached in approximately 2 hours providing up to 16 hours of operating time.

No Prescription Required

A prescription is not required to make a purchase of the Zeo. It is not a medical device. It is not intended to replace the functions of a sleep lab or physician or to diagnose sleep apnea or other sleep disorders.

PLEASE NOTE: This product includes the sensor headband along with the cables to charge the sensor. In order to use this product and see the data the purchaser must have a smartphone device to link up with the Zeo product. This product DOES NOT include a smartphone device.

The Zeo comes with a 30 Day Free Return policy. Contact at 1-800-356-5221 for information. The purchaser is responsible for shipping cost.