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Apex Medical Nasal Pillows for Wizard 230 Nasal Pillow Mask

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Product Overview

Manufactured by Apex Medical.

Product Features

The Nasal Pillows for Wizard 230 Nasal Pillow Mask is the replacement nasal pillow for use with the following masks:

Pillow Size Indicator: With the nasal pillow facing you, the size is embossed on the LEFT side of the nasal pillow.

  • XS = Extra Small
  • S = Small
  • M = Medium
  • L = Large

The nasal pillow attaches to the Wizard mask frame (purchased separately). See the Important Tips tab of this product page for information on pillow installation.

This is a single nasal pillow with a right and left seal in the selected size and does not include any other mask parts. Select the size of nasal pillow needed when ordering.

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This Product Includes...

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Important Tips

Where do I find the size?

The nasal pillows are replaceable. To find the size of the nasal pillow, remove the nasal pillow from the mask frame. With the largest opening facing upward, look to the right of hole. A clear letter embossed into the silicone material will indicate the size of the nasal pillow.

Pillow Installation:

The nasal pillows are easily removed from the mask frame for cleaning. Tips for reinstalling the nasal pillows:

  • Position the mask frame so the clear acrylic ring is facing you with tab labeled with "L" on the left and the tab labeled with "R" on the right.
  • Position the pillow so the side with the sizing letter is on the same side as the "L" of the mask frame. The nasal openings should face away from the frame.
  • The pillow base fits into the channel of the acrylic ring.
  • The wider tab is at the bottom of the nasal pillow, and will fit into the slot on the bottom of the acrylic ring.
  • The smaller tab fits into the smaller slot on top of the mask frame.
  • Ensure the pillow base is fully inserted into the mask frame and the tabs are firmly in the slots.

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