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    3B Medical Replacement ComfortLine Heated Tubing

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    Product Overview

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    Manufactured by 3B Medical.

    Product Features

    The Replacement ComfortLine Heated Tubing is the replacement tube for use with the ComfortLine Heated Tubing Kit. This is the tubing only. This product does NOT include the power supply and cords which are required to heat the tube.

    Click the link to view the entire kit: ="">ComfortLine Heated Tubing Kit.

    The ComfortLine Heated Tubing measures 71.25 inches from end to end. This measurement includes the cuffs. The diameter of the tube is 19mm.

    Compatibility Notes:

    • PR System One devices with software Versions EARLIER than 1.24 are not recommended for use with the ComfortLine. The version of software flashes on the display screen when the machine is first turned on.

    Return On Warranty Issues Only


    This Product Includes...

    • 1 - Heated Tubing

    Product Specifications

    Product Specifications for Replacement ComfortLine Heated Tubing

    Tube Length 71.25" (1.83m)

    Tube Internal Diameter 3/4" (19mm)

    Weight of Tube Alone 4.16 oz

    Tube & Ambient Temperatures: When heating without airflow from a machine, the hose heats to between 95°F (35°C) and 104°F (40°C)

    Manufacturer Warranty on Tube: 30 Days

    Cleaning Instructions

    • Disconnect the power supply before washing the tube. The power supply and Power Pal are NOT included with this product.
    • Wash TUBE daily in warm (Not Hot) water using a mild detergent or soap. Rinse well. Hang to dry.
    • Tube must be fully dry prior to reassembly with the power supply. The power supply and Power Pal are NOT included with this product.
    • Do NOT use bleach, harsh detergents or soap or alcohol to clean the tube.
    • Do NOT use a dish washer or washing machine to clean the tube. always offers these services:

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    Important Tips

    PRODUCT CONTENTS: This is a single, replacement tubing for use with the ComfortLine Heated Tubing Kit. This is the hose ONLY. This product does NOT include the power supply and cords required to heat the tube for use. Interested in the entire system? CLICK HERE.

    Prescription: To purchase the ComfortLine Heated Tubing a prescription is required. will gladly assist you in getting one a prescription if one is needed. To learn more about prescription requirements, visit Prescription Policy or call us at 1-800-356-5221.

    A prescription that contains any of the following words is acceptable to make a purchase of the ComfortLine Heated Tube: "Hose"; "Tube"; "Heated Tube"; "Heated Hose"; "Supplies"; "Machine"; "CPAP"; "APAP"; "BiPAP"; "BiLevel"; "VPAP" or "Humidifier"

    Compatible with Hybernite Rainout Control System

    The Replacement ComfortLine Heated Tubing is compatible with the Hybernite Rainout Control System. The ComfortLine Heated Tubing can be powered using either the ComfortLine power supply or Hybernite power supply.

    Water Humidification Required: The ComfortLine Heated Tube must ALWAYS be used with water humidification to avoid elevated airflow temperatures.

    Hose Covers Not Recommended: Per the manufacturer, a SnuggleHose or other textile object should NOT be used with the ComfortLine Heated Tubing to avoid elevated temperatures.

    Compatibility with Some Masks and Machines

    Some masks and machines are not compatible with hard cuffed hoses. The hose will simply slip off of the machine or mask connection. We recommend using the FlexiTube Angle Adapter to secure this connection.

    Recommended Cleaning & Replacement Schedule:

    • Disconnect the power supply prior to cleaning the tube.
    • The TUBE should be cleaned daily.
    • The POWER PAL and POWER SUPPLY should NOT be made wet using water or any liquid.
    • To wash the tube only, wash with mild soap and lukewarm water
    • Rinse well and hang to dry.
    • The tube must be fully dry prior to attaching the cord and Power Pal.
    • Do NOT use hot water to clean the tube.
    • Do NOT use abrasive or harsh detergents or soap, bleach or alcohol to clean the tube.
    • Do NOT put the hose in the dishwasher for cleaning.

    The recommended replacement time for the tube is 6 months.

    Warranty: The ComfortLine Tube carries a 30 day manufacturer warranty. Should you experience issues with the hose, please contact us at 1-800-356-5221 or by email at will work with the manufacturer on your behalf.

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