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    Top Reviews

    "This pillow is more comfortable than I expected and it has helped me sleep for a longer period of time in bed."

    December 16, 2017

    "This pillow has been wonderful, helps eliminate mask leaks! It makes it so much easier to get a good nights sleep!"

    April 10, 2018

    Product Overview

    The CPAP Pillow 2.0 with Pillow Cover from Contour is compatible with most CPAP masks, helping to provide comfort to the great majority of CPAP users. Intentional indentions are placed throughout the pillow to properly align the body and support sleep therapy. Throw the pillowcase over the pillow for a final step to restful sleep.

    Manufactured by Contour Products.

    Product Features

    Contour's CPAP Pillow 2.0 with Pillow Cover is designed to help align the body throughout CPAP therapy. The indentions in the pillow are carefully constructed to release pressure on the user and the CPAP interface. This purchase includes the pillow and the corresponding pillow cover.


    • Compatible with Most CPAP Masks
    • Comfortable and Supportive Design
    • Corresponding Pillowcase Included

    Compatible with Most CPAP Masks

    The depressions on either side of the pillow are not only designed to remove pressure points but also allow for masks of many sizes to be worn comfortably. Position the head in the concave and allow the mask to glide into the depression of the pillow.

    Comfortable and Supportive Design

    The CPAP Pillow 2.0 has six intentional indentions throughout the formation of the pillow. Each indention is placed strategically in effort to prevent pressure on the user and leaks from the mask.

    • Ears: Regardless of which side the user sleeps, both the immediate left and right of the pillow's center have an impression carved out to help diminish pressure on the ears.
    • Head and Forehead: Rest the head in the concave center of the pillow which is intended to cradle the head throughout the night. The top of the head should be resting on the incline of the pillow, which helps maintain the position of the head and forehead even when sleeping on one's side.
    • Spine and Shoulders: A curve at the base of the pillow is designed to shelter and align the shoulders and spine as they glide into position.
    • Face: The open sides of the pillow are designed to create a less confining environment for the mask. With exposed sides, the user may move in the middle of the night without worry that the mask is stationary in the pillow.

    Contour's 2.0 pillow is made of soft, durable materials to help retain the shape of the pillow.

    Corresponding Pillow Cover Included

    This purchase includes the compatible pillow cover designed to fit the form of the Contour 2.0 pillow. Please Note: This purchase does not include a pillowcase to protect the cover.

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    This Product Includes...

    • 1 Pillow
    • 1 Pillow Cover

    Product Specifications

  • Material Components - Pillow: Urethane Foam

  • Material Components - Pillow Cover: Cotton, Polyester

  • Dimensions - Pillow: 19.75 in L x 13.5 in W x 4.0 in H

  • Dimensions - Hose Strap: 13.25 in L x 1.25 in W

  • Weight - Pillow with Pillow Cover: 2.11 lbs

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    Important Tips

    Cleaning Tips

    • Pillow: Spot Clean with water only. Leave away from direct sunlight to air dry.
    • Pillow Cover: The cover is machine washable. Use cold water only. Use non chlorine bleach when needed, and allow to air dry. Do not iron.

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