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    Extended 8 Cell Lithium Ion Battery for Inogen One G4 Concentrator

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    Product Overview

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    The Extended 8 Cell Rechargeable Battery for the Inogen G4 Portable Oxygen Concentrator picks up the slack when life gets busy. Unlike the Single Rechargeable Battery for the Inogen G4, which has a max runtime of 2.7 hours, the Extended 8 Cell Battery provides oxygen therapy for a maximum of 5 hours-- 2.3 hours longer than the Single Battery!

    The increase in performance doesn't mean much of an increase in weight. The Extended 8 Cell Battery only weighs 1 pound, meaning its easier and less strenuous to carry. This means more time with friends and family, a day at the beach, or an afternoon relaxing.

    Manufactured by Inogen.

    Product Features

    This product is not currently available for expedited shipping within the continental U.S. Regular ground shipping will be the only options. Other options may be available for non-continental U.S. residents.

    Stay active and keep up with a busy schedule, by using the Extended 8 Cell Rechargeable Battery for the Inogen G4. The Inogen G4 is one of the lightest Oxygen Concentrators available today, and the Extended 8 Cell Battery makes it one of the most portable.

    With a maximum 5-hour charge time, the Extended 8 Cell Battery can last almost 2.3 hours longer than the Single Battery! It's also FAA compliant, meaning it can be used in-flight. This means it can supply the needed oxygen for a cross-country flight, connecting families and opening possibilities for many popular destinations.


    • Rechargable Battery with Maximum 5 Hour Runtime
    • FAA Complant for In-Flight Use
    • Only Weighs 1 Pound
    • Charge with AC or DC Power
    • Fully Charged in 4 Hours
    • Upgrades the Original Single Battery

    Rechargable Battery with Maximum 5 Hour Runtime

    The Extended 8 Cell Battery features a hefty 5 hour runtime, meaning less time spent at home near an outlet, and more time enjoying life. Spend an afternoon at the park, go shopping, or visit family! The long runtime makes it possible to enjoy life away from an outlet.

    Lightweight Battery Weighs Only 1 Pound

    The Inogen G4 is one of the lightest Oxygen Concentrators on the market today, and its low battery weight is a large part of this success. In an Oxygen Concentrator, batteries make up a much of the weight, and many batteries can be very heavy.

    In fact, the Double Battery for the Inogen G3 (the previous model) weighs in at 2.7 pounds-- 1.7 pounds heavier than the Inogen G4 Extended 8 Cell Battery! Lighter weight means it's less strenuous to carry, meaning more energy for daily activities.

    FAA Compliant for In-Flight Use

    Traveling with portable oxygen can be a hassle. Many units are hard to carry and are not approved for in-flight use. The Inogen G4 was built to travel, and FAA compliance makes it possible. The Extended 8 Cell Battery is also FAA compliant meaning it can be used in-flight. The 5-hour Double Battery runtime means it keeps oxygen therapy going even on a long flight, opening up more travel possibilities than with the Single Battery.

    Charge With AC or DC Power

    The Inogen G4 comes with an AC Power Supply and a DC Charging Cable, which can be used to charge the Extended 8 Cell Battery while using the Inogen G4. Simply plug in the Inogen G4 and let it run!

    The DC Charging Cable plugs into a cigarette lighter in a car or boat and allows charging from a DC battery, for non-stop use on the go!

    Fully Charges in 4 Hours

    By using the included AC or DC Adapter, the Double Battery charges fully in about 4 hours. Charge overnight, and be ready to go by morning. Or, by using the OPTIONAL External Battery Charger, enjoy the convenience of using one battery while charging the other. When it's time to go, swap the two and head out the door!

    Upgrades the Original Single Battery

    The Inogen G4 Oxygen Concentrator ships with a 4 Cell Single Battery. The Extended 8 Cell Battery provides double the capacity over the Single Battery and is a huge upgrade over the original factory battery.

    Return On Warranty Issues Only


    This Product Includes...

    Product Specifications

    In the Box:

    • 1 Extended 8 Cell Rechargeable Battery for the Inogen G4 Oxygen Concentrator

    Technical Specifications

    • Battery Type - 8 Cell: Lithium Ion

    • Battery Dimensions - 8 Cell: 5.9 in L X 2.67 in W X 1.5 in H

    • Battery Weight - 8 Cell: 1 pound

    • Battery Duration - 8 Cell: 1 Battery = 5 Hours

    • Expected Battery Life: 500 Charge Cycles

    • FAA Approved: Yes

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    Important Tips

    Battery Charging Tips

    The battery charges using the AC Power Supply or DC Charging Cable. Charging a fully depleted battery takes approximately 4 hours. Charging the battery while using the machine will take longer than 4 hours. The OPTIONAL External Battery Charger can be purchased separately to charge batteries, not in use.

    PLEASE NOTE: The External Battery Charger doesn't connect directly to the Inogen G4 and isn't intended to supply power to the Inogen G4. It's meant for charging batteries only.

    Where is the Battery Charge Displayed?

    There is an LCD screen on top of the Inogen G4 that displays the battery level. The battery level is displayed as a percentage showing the remaining charge.

    PLEASE NOTE: As of June 2018, the Inogen G4, as well as the Single and Extended 8 Cell Batteries are approved for use while in-flight on aircraft, according to FAA Regulations. While the FAA has approved the Inogen G4 for in-flight use, airlines can pass internal regulations that can change quickly. In June 2018, we know of no airline that prohibits these devices.

    To be safe, it's important to confirm with the airline that the device is still acceptable for in-flight use at least 48 hours before flying, or before purchasing a ticket with that airline.

    FAA Battery Regulations

    Here's the regulations from the FAA explaining its policies on what types of batteries are acceptable for bringing on a flight. Per the manufacturer, this battery meets the requirements for in-flight use:

    FAA Regulations for Batteries

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