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Inogen One G4 Portable Oxygen Concentrator with Pulse Dose Flow

BY Inogen Item #IS-400 G4 Domestic 4 cell

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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Inogen One G4 POC with Pulse Dose Overview

Tired of the expense and hassle of tanked oxygen? The Inogen One G4 Portable Oxygen Concentrator creates its own oxygen supply from the surrounding air, and is the most portable oxygen concentrator on the market today, weighing in at only 2.8 pounds-- almost half the weight of the Inogen G3. It's small enough and light enough to be carried like a purse or tote bag, with a shoulder strap that connects to the machine directly.

The machine provides pulse dose oxygen therapy, and it's quiet enough to be used in almost any environment or situation such as a meeting, presentation, movie or play. The noise output from the device measures only 40 decibels. It's also FAA certified, meaning that it's approved for in-flight use.

It comes with a 4 Cell Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery that can provide up to 2.7 hours of run-time. Or, you can upgrade to a package that includes an 8 Cell Extended Battery, providing nearly 5 hours of run time (at the lowest flow rate setting)! That's more time with family, more time shopping, and more time doing enjoyable activities!

The Inogen One G4 Portable Oxygen Concentrator is the latest in a series of innovations and breakthroughs from Inogen Oxygen. It's a compact, lightweight unit and features several advances over the Inogen One G3. This concentrator provides pulse dose oxygen flow only.

It's almost half the weight, weighing in at 2.8 pounds and feels like carrying a purse or a briefcase on the shoulder. It's more portable, and has 3 different flow rates that synchronize to each breath, delivering oxygen within 400 milliseconds. It's also FAA certified for in-flight use, and can go almost anywhere.

A quiet unit at only 40 decibels, the Inogen One G4 can be used almost anywhere, without disturbing others. It's quiet enough to be taken to a meeting, library, or movie. It generates its own oxygen from the surrounding air, thus eliminating dependence on tanked oxygen for good.


  • Compact Unit Weighs Only 2.8 Pounds
  • FAA Certified for In-Flight Use
  • Quiet Unit Operates at Roughly 40 Decibels
  • Pulse Dose Technology Provides Oxygen on a Breath-by-Breath Basis
  • 3 Different Flow Settings
  • Generates Oxygen from Surrounding Air
  • Included 4 Cell Battery Lasts Roughly 2 hours

Weighs Only 2.8 Pounds - Almost Half the Weight of the Inogen G3!

Whereas tanked oxygen is bulky and inconvenient, the Inogen One G4 is fully portable. It weighs in at 2.8 pounds, almost HALF the weight of the Inogen One G3. It's more portable and feels almost like carrying a briefcase or purse. It comes with a shoulder strap that attaches directly to the machine, making it easy to carry.

FAA Certified for In-Flight Use

The Inogen One G4 can go almost anywhere, including an airplane! Like its predecessor, the Inogen G3, the Inogen G4 can be used on an airplane according to current FAA regulations. It's important to check with the airline first, before flying, as regulations can change and some airlines have different rules as to the types of devices they permit.

Quiet Unit Operates at 40 Decibels

The Inogen One G4 Portable Oxygen Concentrator is quiet enough to not disturb others. Operating at 40 decibels, it's one of the quietest oxygen concentrators ever built.

Pulse Dose Flow Provides Oxygen on a Breath-by-Breath Basis

The Inogen One G4 is smart enough to detect when each breath is taken, and then almost immediately apply the needed oxygen-- within 400 milliseconds. This is considered optimal for oxygen therapy since this is the timeframe in which oxygen has the best chance of being absorbed by the lungs. Pulse dose concentrators supply oxygen on a breath-by-breath basis while continuous flow models supply oxygen continuously.

3 Different Flow Settings

Adjusting the flow rate on the Inogen One G4 is fairly easy with three available presets. The Inogen One G4 simplifies things by having three settings that allow for optimal flow.

Generates Oxygen from the Surrounding Air

An oxygen concentrator eliminates the need for tanked oxygen by filtering out other gasses from the outside air and turning it into mostly pure oxygen that is delivered to the nose through a device known as a cannula. The Inogen One G4 is lightweight and portable, bringing new independence for people that require constant oxygen therapy.

Included 4 Cell Battery Lasts Roughly 2 Hours

The included 4 cell battery lasts roughly 2 hours (depending on pressure setting) allowing for your oxygen therapy, even away from home. The OPTIONAL 8 cell battery provides almost double the amount of time as the 4 cell battery, providing roughly 4 hours of runtime depending on flow rate.

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