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Pad-A-Cheek Barrel Cozy for Swift FX, Nuance, Opus, & Aloha Masks

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Product Overview

The Pad-a-Cheek Barrel Cozy for Swift FX, Nuance, Opus, and Aloha CPAP Masks is designed to alleviate some common issues and frustrations caused by having the silicone of nasal pillows in contact with the face such as skin irritation and coldness.

The soft, fabric Barrel Cozy will help make your CPAP therapy much more comfortable by adding a soft layer between you and the silicone of the mask and is secured in place easily using velcro.

Manufactured by Pad A Cheek.

Product Features

Tired of feeling the cool touch of silicone on your upper lip? Does the silicone irritate your skin and make it uncomfortable for you as you try to sleep? Try the Pad-a-Cheek Barrel Cozy, which adds a soft layer of fabric between your nose, lip, and nasal pillow mask. This will reduce the feeling of cold silicone that you may not like while reducing irritation, and it may make it easier to stay compliant with your therapy.

The Pad-a-Cheek Barrel Cozy will work with the following masks:

With proper care, the barrel cozy should last someone 6 months.

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This Product Includes...

Product Specifications

  • Package Contents: 1 Barrel Cozy Liner
  • Machine Washable? Cold water, use the lowest possible setting on drying. For best results, wash by hand.
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Important Tips

Care Instructions

Due to the delicate nature of the fabric, it's best to wash by hand. You can clean this in the clothes washer and dryer too, but you'll need to wash it on cold and dry on the lowest heat setting.

If you ordered the pink version of the barrel cozy, you'll want to wash it first to remove any excess dye so that it doesn't bleed onto your mask and nasal pillows.

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