SUNSET Standard CPAP Hose | 6 FT Long Tube with 22mm Cuffs

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    Product Overview

    Manufactured by SUNSET.

    Product Features

    If you're tired of overpaying for standard 6-foot tubing, you're in luck! Sunset Healthcare Solutions Standard 6 ft CPAP Hose is one of the most budget-conscious designs available, and is a compatible replacement for the standard CPAP hose that came with your machine.

    Economic Option Fits Most Budgets

    While the other hoses may be more of more premium, flexible quality, those typically come with a higher price tag. This hose is our most economic option, designed to fit almost every budget.

    Compatible With Most Models

    The Sunset Healthcare Solutions CPAP Hose is standard-sized (19mm diameter) with 22mm cuffs on each end and will work with almost every CPAP, APAP, or BiPAP model on the market today. The rubber cuffs make an airtight seal with the machine and mask and it makes it easy to connect and disconnect. It doesn't work with any machine that requires slim or micro tubing.

    Replace Your Hose Every 6 to 12 Months

    CPAP tubing is meant to be disposable, and experts recommend replacing your hose every 6 to 12 months for optimal comfort. A CPAP hose should be replaced immediately if you notice cracks or tears, mold growth, or strange odors coming from your CPAP tubing.

    Latex-Free and Designed to Avoid Kinks

    The Sunset Healthcare Solutions CPAP Hose is latex-free and is designed to avoid kinking naturally, providing the optimal solution for your CPAP therapy. It has a smooth interior and a ribbed exterior and is designed in a way that doesn't restrict airflow.

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    Product Specifications

    • Latex-Free? Yes.
    • Package Contents: 1 CPAP Hose
    • Product Length: 6 feet always offers these services:

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    Important Tips

    How to Clean the Inside of Your Hose

    Cleaning the inside of the hose is fairly straightforward. Here's how you do it:

    1. Create a solution of water and vinegar, mild soap, or CPAP hose soap. You don't need to mix all of these together, just choose one, and mix with water.
    2. Run the solution through the CPAP hose.
    3. If you're concerned about the presence of deposits, you can use a tube brush to scrub the inside of the hose.
    4. Rinse.
    5. Hang over a towel rack to drip-dry.

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