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    Somnetics Transcend 365 miniCPAP Air Inlet Filter

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    Product Overview

    Manufactured by Somnetics.

    Product Features

    The Air Inlet Filter for the Transcend 365 is used to filter the ambient air and remove any dust, pollen, or other irritants from the air before you inhale. The Air Inlet Filter is intended to be replaced once every 6 months, or when the foam begins to break down.

    This filter is the replacement for the original filter, shipped with the Somnetics Transcend 365, and will not work with the Transcend 3 or any other device. Filters from other Transcend machines cannot be used with the Transcend 365.

    The filter is designed to filter out many irritants but is not designed to clean large amounts of environmental pollutants such as cigarette smoke. For best results, do not use your machine in a smoky environment. Over time, tar can build up in the machine, (if used around cigarette smoke), leading to the loss of the device.

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    Product Specifications

    • Reusable? Up to 6 months or when foam begins to break down.
    • Package Contents: 1 filter always offers these services:

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    Important Tips

    Replacing the Air Inlet Filter on the Transcend 365

    After six months of use, or when the foam begins to break down, please replace the filter for the Transcend 365 by following these steps:

    1. Remove the humidifier from the bottom of the machine, and turn the machine over.
    2. Locate the air inlet filter door near the back on the machine. It should pop open easily.
    3. Remove the current filter from the door, and replace with the new one.
    4. Close and reattach the door, and re-connect the humidifier


    • Avoid using the Transcend 365 in excessive smoky environments, and do not smoke indoors.
    • For best results, replace the filter once every six months or when the foam begins to break down.

    Power Options

    Portable Outlet CPAP Battery

    The Portable Outlet CPAP Battery will work with any CPAP machine, so you'll never have to worry about compatibility. It converts the stored DC power to convenient AC outlet power. Just plug in with your machine's power supply! The Portable Outlet can also power other electronic devices, including TVs, stereos, blenders-- anything! It also has USB charging ports for your cell phone or tablet.

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