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    Product Overview

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    BPS's Freedom Travel Battery for CPAP Machines - Battery Only, makes traveling easy! This compact battery connects to additional components (not included) to power most CPAP machines when either used away from an AC power source or as a backup power source. The unique digital screen built into the sleek design will keep the user informed of the battery's charge.

    Manufactured by Battery Power Solutions.

    Product Features

    This product is not currently available for expedited shipping within the continental U.S. Regular ground shipping and will be the only options. Other options may be available for non-continental U.S. residents.

    The 1.7 lb Freedom Travel Battery for CPAP Machines - Battery Only is a lithium-ion battery cell designed for all travel, including air. Other handheld devices such as mobile phones and tablets may be charged from the Freedom Battery using the built-in USB port.


    • Dual Configuration
    • Digital Screen Design
    • Backup Power Capabilities
    • Alternative Battery Charging Options
    • Compatible with Handheld Devices

    Dual Configuration

    Battery Power Solutions' Freedom Travel Battery is intended for use as either a replacement battery cell or an additional battery placed in a dual configuration to increase power to the CPAP device. If using the travel battery along with another battery to increase power, follow these steps:

    1. Use the pigtail connector to link both batteries to the "DC Out" port.
    2. Pair the pigtail cable with the appropriate connector tip Connector Tips for C-100 & Freedom Travel Battery Pack for CPAP Machines (7 Pack) or the appropriate DC cord.
    3. Plug the connector tip or the DC cord into the DC outlet on the CPAP device.
    Please Note: Once a battery is fully depleted, the other battery will begin outputting power. The pigtail connector and DC cord are not provided with the purchase of this battery.

    When both batteries are being used in dual configuration, the batteries can be charged at the same time.

    1. Use the pigtail cord to link both batteries to the "DC Out" port.
    2. Connect the power pigtail cord to the AC charger (power supply and cord).
    3. Plug the AC Charger power cord into an AC outlet.
    4. When fully charged, the display screen will signal that the charge is complete. Always disconnect the battery(s) from the wall outlet when fully charged.
    Please Note: For international charging purposes, AC current between 100V to 240V is acceptable to charge the battery. Use an appropriate adapter as needed. The pigtail connector and AC Charger are not provided with the purchase of this battery.

    Digital Screen Design

    Peace of mind can be found in the digital screen featured on this battery. For easy reading, press the round button found next to the screen to light the display and view the battery's charge. After a few seconds, the blue backlight will turn off, allowing the user to fall to sleep without disturbance.

    Backup Power Capabilities

    If connected to AC power while using the Freedom Battery, the unit will recognize the source of AC power and distribute it to the CPAP device, bypassing the battery. The AC battery charger must be connected to the "DC In" port, while the connector tip or DC cord must be plugged into the "DC Out" port and into the CPAP machine.

    In instances such as a power failure, when AC power is not available, the Freedom Travel Battery is designed to use its stored charge to power the device. If connecting the CPAP machine to a humidifier or using at a high altitude, it may be helpful to connect the unit to two battery cells in order to create a longer run time.

    Alternative Battery Charging Options

    • Use the BPS Auto Charge DC Cable to charge the Freedom Travel Battery from a vehicle's cigarette lighter. Please Note: The vehicle must be running to charge the battery.
    • The 150W Sine Wave Power Inverter can be used with the AC charger to convert the DC power to AC power in order to charge the Freedom Travel Battery.

    In all instances allow 4 to 5 hours to fully charge the battery after it has been completely discharged.

    Compatible with Handheld Devices

    Most handheld devices such as mobile phones and tablets can be powered and charged from the Freedom Battery's 5V USB along with a USB cord. As an alternative to the USB cord, use a DC cord and DC Input Cord for C-100 & Freedom Travel Battery for CPAP Machines to power the device from the battery. If seeking to charge a device without a USB cord, DC power cord, or 12V capabilities, use the 150W Sine Wave Power Inverter to power the device using its AC charger.

    Looking for the Freedom Travel Battery Pack for CPAP Machines, click here to view more details.

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    This Product Includes...

    • 1 - Battery

    Product Specifications

  • Equivalent Lithium-Ion Content: Less Than 8 Grams

  • Battery Weight: 1.7 lbs

  • Battery Dimensions: 7.5 in L x 4.8 in W x .8 in H

  • Power Output of Freedom Battery: 9 - 12.6V / 0 - 4.5A (8A Max) / 97.68Wh

  • Maximum Device Power Demand: 8A or Less

  • Charging Time When Fully Discharged: 4 Hours

  • Shelf Life Without Use: Decreases by 20% Every 90 Days

  • Charging Before Storage: Charge to Approximately 40% Prior to Storage

  • Battery Life: 400 to 500 charging cycles

  • Battery Warranty: 1 year

  • Battery Case Materials: Aluminum Alloy Shell

  • Disposal: Lithium Ion Batteries Should be Recycled. Dispose of the lithium ion battery in accordance with local regulations.

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    Important Tips

    IMPORTANT NOTE: This product is a single battery cell only and does not include the carry pack or accessories.

    BPS FAA Compliance Letter: To view the Battery Power Solutions FAA compliance letter regarding UN Manual Tests and Criteria click: HERE.

    User Manual:

    The user manual included with this battery can be viewed and downloaded here: Freedom Travel Battery Pack.

    Solar Panel Compatibility Tips

    The Freedom Battery is now compatible with the BPS solar charger. Use the charge controller, which is included with the BPS SunPower Solar Panel 40W, to charge the battery from the solar charger.

    Battery Charging Tips

    • First Time Charging: When charging the Freedom Battery Pack for the first time, charge the battery completely to 100%. The power supply may become slightly warm to the touch during charging, which is normal.
    • Charging from a DC Source: Using the OPTIONAL DC to DC Cable for C-100 & Freedom Travel Battery Packs, the battery can be charged directly from another DC source using a cigarette style 12V outlet. If doing so in a vehicle, it must be running. Another option for charging from DC power is to add the 150W Modified Sine Wave Inverter to convert the DC power to AC to use the standard charger.
    • International Charging: The battery can be charged internationally, as the charger can be used with AC currents from 100V to 240V. Plug adapters such as the World Traveler Power Adapter Plugs will be needed to convert the outlet.
    • Dual Battery Charging: Using the included power pigtail cord, two batteries can be charged at once using the battery charger. Simply plug the single end of the pigtail cord into the charger, and then the split end into the "DC In" port of both batteries.
    • Charge While in Storage: Before storing, fully charge the battery. The battery will self-discharge approximately 20% every 30 days. If storing for an extended period, charge the battery once every 90 days to at least 50% capacity.

    Battery Run Times

    Run times will vary greatly depending on several factors: device pressure, use of a heated humidifier or heated tube, use of a inverter or converter, and altitude.

    Preventing Overdraw

    When the Freedom Battery is paired with a combination of CPAP accessories and a CPAP machine which is running at higher pressures, power to the device and/or accessories may be disabled. If this is encountered, try removing an accessory such as the heated humidifier or heated tube to decrease the power being drawn from the battery.

    8 Amps Maximum Power Demand:

    The Freedom Battery can provide power for devices which require up to 8 amps. As a reference, most CPAP machines operate between 0.5 and 4.5 amps.

    Tips for Using the USB Port

    Follow these steps to charge or power a device from the USB port:

    1. Plug the device into the USB port.
    2. Press the round button, otherwise known as the charge level indicator button, which is found next to the screen.
    3. When done, unplug the USB cord from the battery to turn the battery off.

    Compatible Machines

    Visit the Freedom Travel Battery Pack for CPAP Machines page to learn more about machines which are compatible with the Freedom Battery.


  • Since cell contents are corrosive, do not abuse the battery in ways that could result in them being exposed, including: dropping, striking, or crushing the battery.
  • The battery should not come in contact with moisture of any kind.
  • Discontinue use of any component, including connectors, cables, or the battery itself if signs of damage appear.
  • Use the included charger only.
  • Do not expose the battery to extreme heat or fire; explosion may occur.
  • Do not disassemble or incinerate the battery.
  • Use of the Freedom Battery Pack with devices that require higher wattage may result in the battery shutting off to protect from overrun.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Keep the battery away from metal objects and heat.

  • Replacement Parts

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