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SleepWeaver Advance Nasal CPAP Mask with Zzzephyr Seal

BY Circadiance Item #100332
340 Reviews

This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

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Item # circadiance-sleepweaver-advance-nasal-cpap-mask-headgear

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340 Reviews

This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Check out the newer model

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Item # circadiance-sleepweaver-advance-nasal-cpap-mask-headgear

Not Currently In Stock

SleepWeaver Advanced Mask Overview

Now with an updated headgear design, the SleepWeaver Advance is the only cloth mask on the market! If you find traditional silicone masks leave red marks or are complicated to adjust, the SleepWeaver Advance might be a great solution for you. The cloth mask weighs less than an ounce and feels as light as a handkerchief lying on your nose. The mask works by inflating and softly conforming to facial features to create an individual seal. This mask works while you are on your side, stomach, or back and with glasses. The material wicks away moisture to reduce rainout and the small air ports diffuse air softly and quietly to avoid disturbing a bed partner.

Take advantage of Circadiance's Money Back Guarantee. Try the SleepWeaver risk free for 30 days! Every order comes with free Return Insurance! Wondering how it works? Check out the SleepWeaver Intro Video on the "Learning Center" tab.

The SleepWeaver now comes with an improved 2nd Generation Headgear. The headgear was redesign to improve mask stability and comfort. The headgear has an additional soft fleece layer. Easy to locate blue headgear tabs help with any needed adjustments.

Composed of cloth material, the SleepWeaver Advance inflates around the nose and pushes gently against the CPAP user's face. The mask's unique inflatable cushion balloons out when CPAP pressure is applied. The mask is attached to a three point headgear and requires minimal tension to maintain a consistent seal. Unlike most masks, there are no rigid components to prevent CPAP users from sleeping on their back, side, or stomach. The cloth is not sticky and allows the skin to breath through out the night. The unique design minimizes skin abrasion and helps prevent pressure marks from forming.

Noise and weight are both reduced in the SleepWeaver design. Even though air is inflating the mask, the noise is considerably reduced. Since there are no rigid buckles, clips or a faceplate on the mask, it can seem as if there is no mask at all.

The Zzzephyr Seal is a light, fine cloth that helps form a comfortable seal around the bridge of your nose. The elastic material cradles the nose and promotes fewer mask leaks.

You can watch the SleepWeaver Intro Video on the "Learning Center" tab to see how the mask works. These videos are also included with a free DVD with each mask.


  • Unique Inflatable Design

  • Reduced Pressure from Headgear

  • More Sleep Positions

  • No More Skin Irritation

  • Less Noise

  • One Size Fits Most

  • Reduced Air Leakage

  • 5 Color Options

    Tips for First Time Use

    The SleepWeaver cloth mask is different than traditional CPAP masks. The most important thing is to not over tighten the mask. Unlike a regular CPAP Mask if this mask is too tight you will have problems achieving a seal.

    1. Turn your machine on.

    2. Take a "nose dive" into the mask.

    3. Once on, take two to three deep breaths to help the mask form a seal around your nose.

    4. If the side straps are loose, tighten them, however leave them loose enough to fit one finger under.

    5. The mask should not touch your eyes, if the mask is too close to your eyes, loosen the top strap and pull down on the mask to reposition. A mirror may help with positioning.

    6. If you are having problems achieving a seal, pull down on the mask to reset the seal and repeat step three.

    7. In the morning, instead of releasing the straps, take the mask off as is to keep your strap setting.
    If you have any questions feel free to give us a call at 1-800-356-5221. For help with fitting, Circadiance provides instructions: sleepweaver-instructions.

    Cleaning Instructions

    Cleaning the SleepWeaver is easy. The mask can be completely cleaned, with no hard-to-reach places or multiple parts. The SleepWeaver is recommended to be cleaned every morning and hung to dry. The entire mask can be hand-washed or it can be placed in the washing machine. You do not have to take apart the mask for cleaning. If you wash the mask in the washing machine, put the mask in a "delicates" bag. Once the mask is cleaned, hang the mask to dry. Do not place the mask in a clothes dryer. You can see how to clean the mask by watching the "SleepWeaver Cleaning and Maintaining" video on the Learning Center Tab.

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