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    Top Reviews

    "this is great - really didn't think it would work as good as it does to reduce sound,"

    July 28, 2015

    "It's a little big but it does the job. I love it. I strongly recommend getting one.easy to hook up too"

    August 1, 2015

    Product Overview

    The Q-Tube In-Line CPAP Muffler Kit from HDM connects between a CPAP machine and hose to help reduce machine and airflow noise. The small tube included with the kit is used to connect the Q-Tube to the air outlet on the CPAP machine. Sound traveling through the mask will be less prominent, allowing the CPAP user to fall asleep more easily.

    Manufactured by Human Design Medical.

    Product Features

    HDM's Q-Tube In-Line CPAP Muffler Kit is designed to minimize sounds emitted from the machine. The compact muffler is lightweight and measures roughly 5 inches in length. A foam layer inside of the Q-Tube Muffler helps to diminish noises related to CPAP therapy. This foam can be removed and replaced to maintain the device.

    The Q-Tube connects between the machine and CPAP hose. The Q-Tube is not meant to be placed between the CPAP hose and mask. The universal Q-Tube is compatible with all CPAP, APAP, and BiPAP machines.

    The Q-Tube Muffler is not compatible with water based humidification units due to the saturation that will take place within the foam layer. The Heat Moisture Exchange Unit for CPAP Machines is a waterless humidification option that can be added to CPAP therapy if desired.

    Please Note: Adding the Q-Tube to an integrated heated hose will prevent the electrical connection between the hose and the machine. If you are using an integrated heated hose, the Q-Tube will not be compatible with your equipment.

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    This Product Includes...

    • 1 - Q-Tube In-Line CPAP Muffler
    • 1 - Short Tube
    • 1 - Q-Tube Replacement Kit

    Product Specifications

  • Measurements - Q-Tube In-Line CPAP Muffler (Including Connections): 5 inches long

  • Measurements - Short Tube (Including Connections): 8 inches long

  • Weight - Q Tube In-Line CPAP Muffler: 2.2 ounces

  • Weight - Short Tube: 1.1 ounces

    Materials List for the Q-Tube In-Line CPAP Muffler Kit

  • Foam: 3M Open Cell Foam

  • Plastic Sleeve: Polycarbonate

  • Q-Tube Body: Lexan/Santoprene

  • Short Tube: Polyolefin Plastomer/Low Density Polyethylene

  • Short Tube Cuff: Latex-free Thermoplastic Elastomer

  • O-Ring: Medical Grade Silicone (No Proteins)

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    Important Tips

    Connection Tips

    The Q-Tube is installed between the CPAP machine and hose. Connect the included short tube to the CPAP machine at the air outlet. Attach the Q-Tube to the opening of the short tube and the hose for a successful fit.

    Integrated Heated Tube Compatibility

    The Q-Tube is not compatible with an integrated heated tube. An integrated heated tube acquires heat from a direct connection with the machine. By placing the muffler between the hose and the CPAP machine, the connection is broken, preventing the hose from receiving power.

    Humidification Tips

    The Q-Tube Muffler is not compatible with water based humidification units because the foam layer will become saturated by the moisture moving from the water chamber through the hose. Alternatively, consider HDM's Heat Moisture Exchange Unit for CPAP Machines, as it provides non-water based humidification.

    Disassembly Tips

    Follow these guidelines to disassemble the Q-Tube.

    • Lift the cap from the Q-Tube body by placing a finger in the intended slot. With a gentle force, push upward causing the cap to disconnect from the device.
    • Grip the End Cap and move in a clockwise direction to align the pins with the designated indentions on the Q-Tube body. Once in position, pull upward on the End Cap to dislodge the piece from the body of the device.
    • Please Note:The red-colored ring, otherwise known as the O-Ring will likely offer substantial resistance as the End Cap is being pulled from the body of the Q-Tube. The ring is designed to seal around the End Cap. As it loosens, grasp the ring to ensure it is not lost while removing the End Cap from the Q-Tube Muffler.
    • Move a finger into the interior of the Q-Tube to remove the foam layer.
    • To further remove and replace the foam layer, release the clasps on the exterior of the plastic sleeve.

    Re-assembly Tips

    • With the plastic sleeve stretched open, lay a new, fresh piece of foam in the middle of the sleeve with equal distance between the rolled foam and the tabs. Then, gently pull the plastic tabs over the foam allowing them to lock in the middle.
    • Place the plastic sleeve with the foam back into the body of the Q-Tube. While pushing the materials into place, evaluate the device to ensure nothing has fallen lose which may potentially obstruct the user's airway.
    • Now, place the O-Ring and the End Cap into place. The O-Ring will need to rest at the bottom of the End Cap. Move the End Cap to re-align the pins with the designated indentions. Move the End Cap in a counter clockwise direction and push downward to confirm the piece is back in position.
    • Grab the cap and re-attach it to the Q-Tube. You will know the cap is secure when a clicking sound is heard.

    Cleaning Tips

    Do not use soap when cleaning the Q-Tube Muffler. Rinse the device with water, and place it out of sunlight to dry entirely. The Q-Tube must be completely dry before using it again.

    When Should I Replace the Foam Layer?

    The foam layer inside of the Q-Tube is designed to diminish machine and airflow noise for both the user and bed partner. To ensure these optimal results, replace the foam every 14 days or upon visible deterioration of the foam. To learn more about the Q-Tube Replacement Foam Kit, visit the page here.

    Replacement Parts

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