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    Inogen At Home Stationary Oxygen Concentrator with Continuous Flow

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    Product Overview

    The Inogen At Home Stationary Concentrator with Continuous Flow from Inogen is a oxygen concentrator that provides high levels of continuous oxygen for use at home. The Inogen At Home is one of the lighter, more compact stationary concentrators available and offers continuous flow at 1 to 5 liters per minute.

    Manufactured by Inogen.

    Product Features

    The Inogen At Home Stationary Concentrator with Continuous Flow is a compact stationary concentrator for those that require continuous oxygen flow while at home. The concentrator has a retractable handle for easy transport from room to room.


    • 1-5 LPM Continuous Flow
    • Lightweight & Compact
    • Quiet & Effecient Operation
    • Easy Maintenance

    1-5 LPM Continuous Flow

    Unlike small, portable oxygen concentrators that only provide pulse dose oxygen flow or low levels of continuous flow, the Inogen At Home provides continuous flow up to 5 LPM. The flow is easily adjusted using the + and - buttons on the concentrator.

    Lightweight & Compact

    The Inogen At Home will not take up much space in a room, measuring 16.5" H x 13" W x 7" L. It can be moved around easily if needed using the built-in handle. The concentrator is lighter than most stationary, continuous concentrators weighing in at just 18 pounds.

    Quiet & Efficient Operation

    At a setting of 2 LPM, the Inogen At Home operates at 40 dBA, making it one of the quitest stationary concentrators available. Along with quiet operation, the Inogen At Home also runs very energy effecient, saving electricty costs compared to other concentrators.

    Easy Maintenance

    Although the concentrator has various parts that can be replaced if needed, the only routine maintenance needed is to remove the particle filter on the side of the unit and wash it with a mild soap and allow to air dry. The body of the concentrator can be washed with a damp cloth.

    Looking for a portable unit that offers pulse dose flow? See the Inogen One G3 Portable Concentrator


    This Product Includes...

    • Concentrator
    • AC Power Cord
    • Particle Filter (Installed)
    • 1 - Cannula

    Product Specifications

    Concentrator Dimensions: 16.5 in H x 13 in W x 7 in L

    Concentrator Weight: 18 lbs

    Flow Settings: 1 - 5 LPM Continuous Flow

    Power Input Range: 100-240V, 275W, 50-60Hz

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    Important Tips

    User Manual:

    The user manual included with this concentrator can be viewed and downloaded here: Inogen At Home Concentrator.

    Cleaning Tips

    The particle filter on the side of the concentrator should be taken off and washed with water and a mild soap weekly. Rinse well and allow to air dry before reinstalling. The concentrator itself can be wiped with a damp cloth as needed.

    For more important information, see the Inogen At Home User Manual

    Power Options

    Universal AC Power

    The Inogen At Home operates on 100 - 240V AC power, meaning there are no fuses or switches needed, only a plug adapter if using outside the U.S.

    Replacement Parts

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