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Product Overview

The ResMed AirFit™ F20 and the AirFit™ F30 are excellent masks for comfort and quality. As with any mask, there exists the possibility of the mask leaking. The Anti-Leak Strap for the AirFit™ F20 / F30 is engineered to secure the mask against the cheeks or under the nose, providing extra support so that the mask doesn't leak.

Manufactured by Pad A Cheek.

Product Features

Your Best Defense Against Leaks

Nothing's worse than a leaky mask! If your mask doesn't have enough support with your headgear alone, you won't be able to get the fit you need to get a good night's sleep. The extra air and noise from a leaky mask can be too much to deal with. When leaks strike, consider investing in this helpful Anti-Leak Strap. It secures in place at the elbow, cradling the mask with added tension, while giving you the extra support your mask needs to prevent leaks.

Won't Block Vented Carbon Dioxide

The Anti-Leak Strap comes in baby blue and gray, and won't cover up your exhalation ports. Your mask will continue to work normally, with no obstruction to the carbon dioxide exiting the mask elbow. You'll still be able to breathe normally, the only difference will be you'll get a more secure fit.

Lightweight Material Designed to Not Be Overly Hot

The Anti-Leak Strap is made of a material that closely resembles a pillowcase. It's lightweight and doesn't add much extra bulk to your face, while also not being fuzzy or plush in any way so it doesn't create added warmth.

Not Designed for Use With Any Other Mask

This product will only work with the:

It will not work with any other mask. Do not attempt to use this strap with any other mask.

Return On Warranty Issues Only


This Product Includes...

Product Specifications

  • Package Contents: 1 Anti-Leak Strap in Selected Color
  • Machine Washable: Yes, on cold and delicate. Use lowest heat setting to dry.

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Important Tips

Usage Instructions

View the attached PDF for instructions on how to use the Pad-a-Cheek Anti-Leak Strap

Care Instructions

For best results, hand wash with mild soap and water and set aside to air dry. While this product can be washed in a washing machine on cold and dried on low heat settings, this is not the recommended method to clean the Anti-Leak Strap.

If too much heat were used while drying, it could cause the strap to shrink, which would impact its ability to fit around the head. To be safe, handwashing and setting aside to air-dry is the manufacturer recommended way to care for this strap.

Replacement Parts

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