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Provent™ Sleep Apnea Therapy 30 Day Pack

BY Provent Sleep Therapy, LLC Item #CAT1105

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Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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Product Overview

This product has been discontinued. We recommend using BongoRX Starter Kit, as a suitable alternative. The BongoRX uses silicone nose cones to create the pressure needed to open your airway using the cadence of your own breathing, and is very similar to Provent. Each nose cone can be cleaned and lasts for three months.

People diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea who could not adjust to CPAP therapy now have another option. Provent is approved for the treatment of OSA. The Provent MicroValve is placed over each nostril to create airway pressure preventing airway collapse. The one-use device is discarded in the morning.

For people new to Provent, the manufacturer recommends the Provent™ Sleep Apnea Therapy 30 Day Starter Kit with graduated levels to assist in the adjustment period.

Who Might Benefit from Provent

  • Provent treats Sleep Apnea without using a mask and CPAP machine. It may be an option for a person who has given up on CPAP therapy.
  • Provent makes contact only with the nares, or the area around nasal openings. There are no straps or buckles. Someone who has never found a nasal mask that worked for them may find Provent a fit.
  • Traveling with a CPAP set up can be frustrating. Provent greatly lightens the load when traveling.
  • Provent provides treatment for OSA using only a very small and unique nasal device. It is another option for people diagnosed with OSA who have never begun treatment because the machine and mask were uncomfortable.
  • A person experiencing claustrophobia may be unable to wear a mask. Provent covers only the nasal opening only.

It is clinically proven that Provent is effective in reducing daytime sleepiness and nighttime snoring. It is an FDA approved treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Provent works with the user's own breathing to treat OSA. It is very small and compact and easy to use. Provent is powered by the exhalation process.

A prescription is required to purchase Provent. To decided if Provent may be an option to treat OSA, discuss it with a physician. Provent provides this guide for Healthcare Providers: Provent Healthcare Provider Guide.

30 Day Pack

The 30 Day Pack is meant as a resupply purchase for people who have already tried Provent therapy. If you have not yet tried Provent, the manufacturer suggests starting with the Provent 30 Day Starter Kit. If you have already used Provent, a Provent 90 Day Resupply Pack and a Provent 180 Day Resupply Pack are available.

Provent Features:

  • Small & Portable Pouch for Each One-Time-Use Pair
  • Unique Nasal Device
  • FDA Approved to Treat OSA
  • Proven Effective in Clinical Studies
  • Convenient & Easy to Use
  • Extremely Travel Friendly
  • No Equipment Setup or Maintenance
  • Hypoallergenic Adhesive
  • Treats Mild, Moderate and Severe OSA

How Provent Works

The unique MicroValve of Provent is placed just inside each nostril, using the cone to guide placement. Provent secured in place using hypoallergenic adhesive, similar to a band aid, which was developed with Johnson & Johnson. As the user exhales, the air is channeled through small openings in the MicroValve creating pressure keeping the airway open. This is much like the pressure delivered by a CPAP machine. As the user inhales the valve opens to allow airflow into the body. Provent increases pressure only during exhalation unlike CPAP which increases airflow during both inhalation and exhalation.

Travel Friendly

Anyone who has traveled with a CPAP has had the experience of packing up the machine, mask, hose and extension cord and going through the security check hoping that nothing is lost or broken.

Simply put, Provent is ideal for travel. Slip it into a purse, pocket, shaving kit or carry on bag. Because Provent does not use electricity it eliminates the hotel room hunt for an outlet to plug in a machine. Some users elect to use Provent for travel and CPAP when at home.


Provent requires a prescription written specifically for "Provent" or "Provent Therapy". Submit the prescription to us via email to, by fax to 1-866-353-2727, or uploaded through our website: Prescription Upload. Provent cannot be purchased using a prescription written for a CPAP or BiPAP machine. Wondering how to address Provent Therapy with your physician? You can download a standard Provent prescription form and physician information sheet here: Provent Prescription Form.

Starting Provent Sleep Apnea Therapy

It is recommended to watch the Provent Instructional video. It can be found on the the Video & FAQ tab of this product page. As with most medical treatments, there will be an adjustment period when starting Provent Therapy and it may vary from one person to another. For some, exhaling through the Provent MicroValve feels very natural and they easily adjust. Others may experience a longer period of adjustment. The manufacturer of Provent suggests applying it just before laying down to go to sleep as there is a vibration heard when speaking. A new user of Provent will become accustomed to feeling resistance while breathing out through the nose. The 30 Day Starter Kit is intended to provide an adequate length of time to get used to sleeping with the devices and is available here: Provent™ Sleep Apnea Therapy 30 Day Starter Kit.


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