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"great mask, comfortable, good seal...everything they promised it would be!"

November 21, 2010

Product Overview

The Hans Rudolph 7600 Series V2 Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear is the second generation mask from Hans Rudolph. Enjoy a clear line of sight with no forehead support adding bulk.

Manufactured by Hans Rudolph.

Product Features

The redesigned Hans Rudolph 7600 Series V2 Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear is a full face CPAP/BiPAP mask without a forehead support. The single-molded mask frame and cushion are made of clear silicone rubber and is contoured to fit over the chin. The one piece design and soft material allows for greater flexibility through a broad range of 5 different mask sizes. As an added upgrade, the 7600 V2 comes with a new Tri-Glide headgear design.

The redesigned version 7600 Series V2 mask offers several improvements over the original design by Hans Rudolph.

A summary of improvements include:

  • New seal design; inclusion of facial sealing flange/membrane
  • Lighter weight than original design; thinner silicone walls
  • Clip arrangement; uses new quick-release strap clips
  • CO2 venting changed; moved from top of mask to elbow
  • Nose brace; to aid in supporting the face piece
  • Headgear; changed to a universal polyurethane foam strap
  • Detachable swivel; allows user to disconnect from equipment without removing mask
  • Tri-Glide Adjustable Top Strap
  • 3 Size Options

Most notably, the seal has changed to incorporate a membrane inside the cushion. For support, the cushion surface uses a series of flanges around the base and is constructed out of a thinner, softer and more comfortable silicon material than the original version. Because of the thinner mask walls, two structural braces have been added for cushion support.

Hans Rudolph also moved the CO2 venting ports off the bridge of the nose to just above the anti-asphyxia valve, pointing the airflow perpendicular to the body.

The last enhancement to the 7600 V2 mask system involved changing the type of headgear and clips. The new V2 uses a nylon covered, polyurethane foam strap with new quick-release clips that slide easily into the mask frame. Now with the new Tri-Glide feature allows users to tighten or loosen the top headgear strap. Unlike the original version, the new 360° swivel elbow port comes with a detachable swivel adapter for quick removal of the CPAP hose; improving mobility and temporary detachment.

3 sizes of headgear are available; small (included with the extra small and petite mask sizes), medium (included with the medium and small mask sizes) and large (included with the large mask size).

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Important Tips

Sizing Tips

The Hans Rudolph 7600 Series V2 Full Face Mask tends to run big. For example, the 7600 Series V2 is approximately one size larger than the Respironics ComfortFull 2 and the ResMed Ultra Mirage Full Face mask.

In other words, a size small in this mask would be comparable to a size medium in the Respironics ComfortFull 2 or the ResMed Ultra Mirage Full Face Mask.

You can download, print and then cut out the Hans Rudolph sizing gauge for this mask here: Hans Rudolph Sizing Gauge

Hans Rudolph also provides a set of instructions on how to setup this mask: V2 Full Face CPAP Mask Fitting Instructions

Where do I find the size?

The Hans Rudolph 7600 Series V2 full face cushion is built into the frame of the mask, and the two cannot be separated. This design does not offer a replacement cushion or frame.

To find the size of the mask, turn the mask upside down to expose the silicone chin support. Brand information is embossed into the silicone material on the chin support. Just below the name of the mask, on the second line, the user will find clear letters indicating the size of the mask.

Replacement Parts

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