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Inverters & Converters

CPAP inverters and converters are essential components for anyone without consistent access to a standard power source. These products are great to have on hand when traveling and any other time when you're unable to use a 120-volt AC wall outlet or you need to use your CPAP battery pack. Inverters change DC power from deep-cycle batteries or DC outlets to AC power for machines that can’t use DC power sources. Converters allow you to power your CPAP machine from DC power sources commonly found in personal and recreational vehicles. Shop inverters and converters for CPAP machines below.

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Product image for 400 Watt DC to AC Power Inverter
400 Watt DC to AC Power Inverter

400 Watt DC to AC Power Inverter

9 Reviews
Save $10.00
Product image for DC Converter for S8 Machines
DC Converter for S8 Machines

DC Converter for S8 Machines

6 Reviews
$89.50 $99.50

Why Buy CPAP Inverters and Converters?

Access to a reliable power supply is critical for remaining consistent in your sleep apnea therapy. However, what happens when you go camping or road tripping or travel to a location that has electrical outlets of different shapes or sizes and thus, requires a CPAP converter? When you travel with a portable CPAP machine, a battery pack powers your device. A power converter gives you the freedom to take your machine on the go. Inverters convert your battery power into alternating currents just as wall outlets in your home would provide. Depending on your machine type and battery requirements, you may need a special converter or inverter. 

To safely use your CPAP machine with a battery, you will need to use a CPAP converter to change the DC current from your battery into the same AC current that you get from a wall outlet. Inverters modify and then transfer the power supply. 

When choosing an inverter or a converter for your sleep apnea therapy, you'll need to make sure that it's compatible with the battery pack you own. You should also verify that it will work well with your machine. Pure electrical current conversion is always the preferable choice. A CPAP converter won't just make DC power accessible but this component will also ensure that the available power supply won't damage your CPAP machine. 

Although the two terms are sometimes used interchangeably, it's important to understand the difference between an inverter and a converter. CPAP inverters produce a modified sine wave that, unfortunately, can damage some AC-powered CPAP devices. To achieve the best results, it's important to use a converter or a pure sine wave inverter. A pure sine wave inverter will get power to your unit without causing problems or diminishing its life span.

Types of CPAP Inverters and Converters for Sale

CPAP inverters and converters are often designed for specific machines or battery brands. Locate your specific brand or take a look at your machine or battery’s product page on or your manual to find your equipment’s specific inverters or converters.

Machine Specific Converters: CPAP machines, like the AirMini, the S9, AirSense 10, AirStart 10, and AirCurve 10, 3B Luna, as well as Philips Respironics machines, have converters that allow you to use battery packs with your machine to take your sleep apnea therapy with you. 

Sine Wave Inverter: Sine wave inverters convert DC power to AC power to easily power a device that requires AC power, which connects the inverter to your CPAP machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can You Run a CPAP Machine on an Inverter?

    Using a CPAP converter with your battery pack and CPAP machine is often the best choice. You can alternatively use a pure sine wave inverter to prevent machine damage. Pure sine wave inverters offer extra power control. They also have more power filtering stages. If you have an older CPAP machine, take a look in your machine’s manual to see the type of humidifier to ensure you are using the correct inverters to not damage your machine. 

    All CPAP machine manufacturers specify whether or not their products can be safely used with battery packs and which battery packs work best with their systems. Their instructions for battery pack use also specify whether a pure sine wave CPAP inverter, a converter, or a modified sine wave inverter is the best choice. When using a modified sine wave inverter with any CPAP machine, look for one that has a continuous power rating of 150 watts or greater.

  • What Size Do I Need?

    You should always refer to the recommendations of your CPAP machine manufacturer when choosing accessories. When purchasing battery packs, inverters, or converters, adhering to the manufacturer's guidelines will keep your product warranty intact and prevent machine damage. In general, 400-watt inverters work well with many CPAP machines currently available. However, the best inverter for CPAP machine safety will always be the one that's most compatible with your equipment.

Customer Highlights

DreamStation 12V Power Adapter for C-100 & Freedom CPAP Travel Battery Packs
DreamStation 12V Power Adapter

Works As Advertised

This product works as designed and was easy to set up. Instructions were clear and now that it is set up it has given me peace of mind when I sleep as I do not have to worry about power outages interfering with my breathing.

Verified Purchase 2016-09-28

S9™, AirSense™ 10, AirStart™ 10, and AirCurve™ 10 24V Power Converter Kit for C-100 & Freedom CPAP Travel Battery Packs
S9™, AirSense™ 10, AirStart™ 10, and AirCurve™ 10 24V Power Converter Kit for C-100 & Freedom CPAP Travel Battery Packs

Battery Backup

The Freedom battery works as expected. No problems with powering my AirSense CPAP. Recharging is easy. The battery comes with a wall charger. Just note if your run the humidifier a single battery will last approximately 4 hours without running the humidifier 6-8 hrs. You can daisy chain two batteries to extend the run time. Having a battery option is cheaper than having to purchase a portable CPAP machine.

Verified Purchase 2017-09-17

ResMed S9 DC Converter
ResMed S9 DC Converter

Breathing Good Again!

I ordered the 12 volt to 24 volt DC converter cable. My trailer had the 12 volt cigarette socket already installed. The ResMed cable plugged right in and worked flawlessly. The first night I hooked the converter cable up to a 12 volt, 220 CCA utility battery. That was enough power to run through the night. The ResMed S9 unit only pulls 3 amps at 90 watts with the heater on so power consumption is not a problem. Great solution for on the road travel. Also I asked for expedited shipping and it came right on time. Twelve dollar charge to guarantee 2-3 days shipping was not a problem for me.

Verified Purchase 2016-11-26