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Portable Battery for CPAP Machines

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Powering your CPAP machine is as easy as choosing between a wall outlet and a portable battery. Check out this post if you’d like to learn more about those two options. Now, whether you’ve chosen a lithium-ion or lead-acid battery, there are other factors that should be taken into consideration. Let’s take a deep dive into charging options and battery run time.

Charging Your Battery

Make sure you charge your battery beforehand. Depending on the battery you choose, charging times and methods will vary. The C-100 Battery, for example, can be charged from an AC or DC source.

Portable battery charging from an AC source
Figure A. Portable battery charging from an AC source.


To charge the C-100 from an AC source, connect the battery using an AC Power Cord to a wall outlet as illustrated in Figure A.

Portable battery charging from a DC source
Figure B. Portable battery charging from a DC source.


If an AC source is not available, some batteries may be charged from a DC source. Figure B shows how the C-100 battery uses an inverter (purchased separately) to charge from a vehicle’s cigarette lighter power socket. Take into consideration that some batteries may take a long time to charge, which could completely drain out a car battery.

Carefully read the instructions that come with your battery before you charge it.

Factors that Affect Run Time

There are several factors that determine a battery’s run time:

・Using a heated humidifier reduces the battery run time by approximately one half. If you use a heated humidifier, you can save power by using it as a passover humidifier. Fill it with distilled water and turn the humidifier’s power off.

・Use a standard hose instead of a heated hose for optimum operational time.

・The frequency with which you use the battery, taking good care of it, and storing it in a dry and cool place will also help boost your battery’s run time.

・Temperature plays a part in the run time of a battery as well as how long it holds a charge when in storage. In general, the optimum storage and use temperature for a battery is 70°F. When using the battery in warmer conditions, the run time will be reduced.

・The altitude at which the battery is used may also affect its duration. Don’t let that stop you, look for a battery with a longer operational time.

・A high pressure setting will reduce run time. Use the same pressure setting you would normally use and look for a battery that will last long enough.

C-100 dual battery configuration for a longer run time.
Figure C. C-100 dual battery configuration for a longer run time.


・Machines that do not have a DC outlet require an inverter that uses additional power to turn the DC output from the battery into AC power that device can use.

Machine that requires an inverter to run off a portable battery
Figure D. Machine that requires an inverter to run off a portable battery.


・Certain devices, like the ResMed S9 Series, need a converter to change the DC power from a 12V input to a 24V output.

Machine that uses a converter to run off a portable battery.
Figure E.Machine that uses a converter to run off a portable battery.


Additional Information

There are many ways to take your sleep therapy with you. Make sure you plan ahead of time before you travel or be prepared for a power outage. Choose the machine and power source that best fits your lifestyle. If you need additional information, please chat with a CPAP.com expert or call 1.800.356.5221. We’re here to help.

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Table of Contents

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  1. Hello!is very likely that your CPAP prresuse that comes in your mouth be different that the prresuse set by the doctor. You may have air leak from the mask (when you sleep), or your CPAP has problems.The prresuse is the same on your CPAP indicator as a year ago?A solution is to try a sleep test, again. Maybe something is change, like a complication of your disorder. Good luck!

  2. go back to the doctor that gave you the maichne let him kno is not working for you..there are other options, u shouldnt be feeling this way and it shouldnt leave that mark on ur nose.tell him 2 teach how 2 use it i use to work for a sleep doctor

  3. Checking in with your doctor often is a good habit. An APAP is also extremely helpful. This machine automatically adjusts to your ideal pressure on a breath by breath basis.

    Plus, some machines have mask fit indicators to let you know how your mask is doing.

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