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Sandman Software Version 1.6 and USB Direct Download Cable

BY Covidien Item #M-214830-13

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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Sorry, this item is no longer available.

Sandman Version 1.6 with USB Cable Overview

The Sandman Therapy Software enables Sandman CPAP users to monitor therapy effectiveness from the machine.

This Kit comes with:

  • Software CD-ROM
  • Instruction manual
  • Card Reader
  • Software Download Cable

The software can output data in the form of a simple report or store results for later analysis. Once the CPAP has been operating for at least 5 minutes, pressure data is stored in the device up to 145 "on-off" sessions or copied over to the memory card.

Version 1.6 is compatible with:

  • SandMan Intro
  • SandMan Info
  • SandMan Auto
  • SandMan Duo
  • SandMan Duo ST

Use the software to send reports via email or export data to a spreadsheet for analysis. The software provides recorded data within a basic screen showing a compliance summary in 24 hour periods, nightly calendar, and detailed compliance data throughout six different report screens:

Synthesis Report

  • Compliance information
  • Latest settings for the period
  • Pressure
  • Leaks
  • Apnea/Hypopnea Index
  • Detected events

Usage Report

  • Analysis period
  • Summary
  • Latest settings for the period
  • Days
  • Usage

Pressure Graph

  • Pressure
  • Events
  • Leaks

Wave forms

  • Obstructive events
  • Central events
  • Patient Snoring
  • Breathing with limited flow
  • Cycle state

Global Information

  • Device Info
  • Programmed Device data

Settings List: displays various device settings

The Sandman CPAP Memory Card comes standard with All Sandman Machines. Replacement cards can be found here: Sandman Memory Card.

The USB Download Cable allows the Soft Sandman Series Therapy Software connect directly to your Sandman Info, Auto, Duo and Duo ST machine. Use this cable instead of the Memory Card provided with your machine and separate Card Reader. The USB Cable connection saves time and effort, providing immediate access to your therapy data.

This cord will not work with the Sandman Intro CPAP machine. The Sandman Intro does not have a USB connector.