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Compliance Maximizer Version 1.12 Software for SleepStyle CPAP Machines

BY Fisher & Paykel Item #900HC230
1 Review

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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1 Review

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

SleepStyle Compliance Maximizer 1.12 Overview

Compliance Maximizer is a powerful reporting system for several SleepStyle Series CPAP machines. The software allows users to download day-to-day compliance data such as compliant time, humidity settings and a summary report for specific time periods. The LCD display summary reports on CPAP usage with total hours used and average hours used per night. Create a new patient record and start tracking your therapy effectiveness.

Use either SmartStick Technology for newer SleepStyle machines or purchase the SleepStyle Serial Cable Accessory for later model units. The SmartStick is a Fisher and Paykel USB memory card that does not require a card reader.

This software is compatible with the following SLeepStyle CPAP Machines:

  • HC232
  • HC234
  • HC236
  • HC238
  • HC604
  • HC608