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  • aeiomed datarest system
  • aeiomed datarest docking station with card installed on cpap
  • aeiomed datarest docking station
  • aeiomed datarest smart card reader
  • aeiomed datarest smart card top
  • aeiomed datarest software cd
aeiomed datarest system
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DataRest Compliance Software with Docking Station for the Everest 2 and Everest 3 CPAP Machine - Compliance Data Only


Sorry, this item is no longer available.

Product Overview

AEIOMed introduces DataRest, an easy solution for recording efficacy data from the Everest 2 CPAP Machine. The DataRest Compliance System comes with:

  • DataRest Docking Station
  • Data Card
  • DataRest Software CD
  • Card Reader

The Docking Station attaches onto the bottom of the Everest 2 CPAP Machine and begins storing data on the data card; just insert the card and start using the machine.

DataRest Compliance Software tracks patient efficacy data from the Everest 2 CPAP machine and provides a summary report on your computer. Use the software to collect and analyze:

  • Start and stop of therapy, including reasons for stopping

  • Start pressure ramp

  • Interface removal and positioning

The DataRest Compliance Software is a bundle of both the DataRest Patient Kit and DataRest Compliance Software Kit. Purchase the Patient Kit if your doctor or DME already has the software in use at the office.

The docking station cannot be used simultaneously with the humidifier.
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