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PAPcap Plus Chinstrap and Headgear System

BY Pur-Sleep Item #CHN1008
9 Reviews

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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9 Reviews

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

PAPcap Plus Chinstrap and Headgear Overview

The PAPcap Plus is a comfortable solution to "mouth breathing" that incorporates both a chinstrap and 4 point headgear. Rid yourself of ineffective chinstraps that just add additional bulk to your face. The PAPcap Plus replaces your current headgear while providing a comfortable chinstrap that secures the jaw and helps keep the lips closed.
The PAPcap Plus combines a revolutionary chinstrap and an attachable four point headgear that works with most nasal and full face CPAP masks.


A 100% cotton cap conforms around your head and uses Velcro to secure a pair of backstraps behind the head with the cap flap tucked under. Excess hair can be pulled through the space beneath the flap and backstraps. The bottom of he cap can be rolled up, inside the cap, to improve fitting around the ears and eyes.


Install the chinstrap under your jaw using the large Velcro pad on both sides of the cap. The cotton cap and soft flannel chinstrap provide comfortable padding around your face while helping to stabilize your jaw. Adjust the chinstrap using the Velcro attachments on the cap. A relatively small amount of tension works best. The chinstrap is designed to provide vertical support, from the top of your head; whereas, most chinstrap pull diagonally from the back of your head, which puts stress on the jaw and can impede CPAP therapy.

Headgear Attachments

The PAPcap Plus comes with two sets of RipStrip Velcro loops that replace your standard headgear. Attach the RipStrip loops to each of the four points on the mask and affix the top loops onto the cap and the bottom loops onto the chinstrap. Use the metal hook extensions to secure the chinstrap and prevent the mask from slipping.


The cap comes in two sizes, Small/Medium and Large/Extra Large. The Small/Medium cap fits most users and the Large/Extra Large is deeper and provides an additional half inch in length.

The PAPcap Plus also comes with a Velcro tube retainer that helps secure over-the-head tubing for mask attachments like the Inlet Tube with Swivel Assembly.