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Headgear for the Ultra Mirage™ and Ultra Mirage™ II Nasal, Mirage Micro™, Mirage Activa™, Mirage Activa™ LT, Mirage™ SoftGel, Mirage Quattro™ and Ultra Mirage™ Full Face Mask

BY ResMed Item #16118
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908 Reviews
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Resmed Mirage™ Series Headgear Overview

The replacement headgear featured here is compatible with the:

  • Ultra Mirage
  • Ultra Mirage II
  • Mirage Micro
  • Mirage Activa
  • Mirage Activa LT
  • Mirage Quattro

The replacement headgear is available in sizes small, medium, and large.

With a criss-crossing backstrap design, the ResMed Mirage Series Replacement Headgear provides ample support while being firm and comfortable to wear.

Important Note: The manufacturer does NOT include the Headgear Clips with this headgear. The clips must be purchased separately.

Size Medium/Standard (16117) comes packaged with:

The Original Mirage Activa used a different Standard Headgear (60114). This product has been redesigned and is in aspects identical to Part Number 16117

The Size Medium/Standard (16117) is not packaged with the Ultra Mirage Full Face. The Mirage Full Face uses a different Standard Headgear (60674). ResMed no longer sells 60674 headgear and suggest using the Medium/Standard (16117) or one of the other sizes (Small or Large).

Headgear for the Mirage Activa LT comes packaged with the ResMed Medium/Standard Size 16117. If you are referencing ResMed's Component Card from their website you will be ordering a headgear and clips different from the style that came with your Activa LT. ResMed Headgear 60114 Standard will work with the Activa LT, but the mask clips, part number 60115, that come with this headgear are incorrect. Please order these ResMed Headgear Clips (16569) to work with your Activa LT.