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LX Oasis Humidifier Hose

BY Philips Respironics  |  Item #532332
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Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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Item # 532332

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How to Clean and Maintain your CPAP Equipment
Rainout, Causes & Solutions
Tube Management
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Learn More About This Product

This 24-inch humidifier hose is the only replacement hose for the Respironics LX "Oasis" passover humidifier.

One of the ports on the LX humidifier is larger than the standard size. This hose has one standard-size end to fit into a CPAP machine, and a larger end to attach to the Oasis humidifier port.
This replacement humidifier hose works ONLY on the Respironics LX "Oasis" Passover Humidifier. It is the exact OEM hose.

Since this item is no longer for sale, we suggest trying our standard 18 Inch Humidifier Hose with Rubber Ends

The hose is very snug, but our technicians have been able to stretch the rubber end around the larger Oasis port.
What is CPAP tubing / CPAP hose?
CPAP tubing and CPAP hose are interchangeable terms. CPAP hoses / tubing are used for two main purposes: to connect a CPAP or BiLevel machine or a humidifier to a mask, or to connect the machine to a humidifier.

Machine to Mask Hose. A hose is connected to the air outlet of either the machine or humidifier and it connects to the CPAP mask to deliver the airflow to the mask. In the past, the hose used to connect a machine to mask was a standard size. Today, there are a number of different hose options. There are three types of machine to mask hoses:
  • Standard / Performance Hose: A long hose or tube is included with each CPAP / BiLevel machine purchase. The connections on all CPAPs, humidifiers and masks are a standard size, so a standard CPAP hose will fit on all. Standard hoses are also available in 8 foot and 10 foot sizes. There are lighter hoses available that were designed to be more flexible and put less pull on the CPAP mask.CPAP Performance Tubing
  • Heated Hose: A heated CPAP hose contains copper coils embedded in or wrapped around the length of the hose. These coils conduct a constant temperature through the hose. The majority of heated hoses are specific to the machine. Heated Hose
  • Hose with Sensor Line: A few auto-titrating CPAPs and Bilevels require a pressure line sensor fitted into the hose to detect breathing patterns and pressure needs but the majority of those machines are no longer in production. (Machines which use the tubing pictured below have been discontinued by the manufacturer.) Sensor Line Tubing

Humidifier Hose. Humidifier hoses connect a CPAP or BiLevel machine to a stand alone humidifier. Humidifier hoses are shorter than standard hoses. They come in either 18 or 24 inch lengths.
18 in Humidifier Hose
Are all CPAP hoses the same?
In years gone by, the answer to this question would have been "yes", but today not all hoses are the same and some machines use different hose types. All CPAP hoses / tubings serve the same function: directing the air stream from the machine to the mask.

Historically, a standard CPAP hose is six feet long, has an internal diameter of 19mm and a connector cuff with an internal diameter of 22mm. Today some hoses are 6 feet long, others are 4 foot long, 8 foot long and 10 foot long. Some hoses have an internal diameter of 19mm (standard) and others have an internal diameter of 15mm (thin or slim style). To use a slim 15mm hose, the machine must have a menu option setting to accept the narrower diameter of a 15mm hose and still deliver the prescribed pressure to the mask to ensure effective therapy.

All hoses have a 22mm connection cuff and fit on all CPAP masks. The connection ports on all CPAP, APAP and BiLevel machines, humidifiers, and masks are a standard size, so a standard CPAP hose will fit on all. Some of the very small machines use a hose adapter between the machine and the 22mm cuff of the hose.

Some manufacturers offer a heated hose option designed to work only with their machines. To read more about heated hoses see the "What is a heated CPAP hose?" article included in this FAQ section.

A few auto-titrating CPAPs and BiLevels require a pressure line sensor to detect breathing patterns and pressure needs. The sensor may be in the form of an adapter with narrow tubing attached or the narrow tubing is threaded inside the six foot hose. In both cases, one end of the narrow tubing is plugged into the machine. Those machines will not operate without the pressure line sensor.
What is rainout?
Rainout is the accumulation of water in a CPAP tube due to warm moist air cooling on its way from your CPAP machine to your CPAP mask.

Solutions to rainout include raising the temperature of your bedroom, insulating your tubing with a Snugglehose, or purchasing a CPAP machine with an integrated heated hose.
How often should I replace my CPAP hose?
CPAP hoses can last a long time, sometimes up to a year if taken care of properly.

Signs of wear include dry, cracked places on the inside lining or on the rubber ends; "stretch marks" near the rubber ends; mineral deposits or mold from water left inside the hose; or a visible puncture or tear in the material.

How do I avoid getting tangled in CPAP hoses?

There are a few ways to keep from getting tangled up in your CPAP tubing. Try running your CPAP hose behind the headboard of your bed. Also, there are several types of suspension systems we carry here at You can see the different types of Hose Management Systems under our Comfort & Cleaning section. One example is the HoseBuddy Tangle Free CPAP Hose Suspension System:


Here are some items we recommend that may help with hose comfort:

CPAP Hose Lift
Tube Management Clip
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Verified purchase | May. 01, 2008 | Verified Customer
Thank you for supplying a product which I have needed for a long time, and been unable to obtain through my insurance channels. They claim it is not made anymore. I am so happy they are wrong. The hose is working quite well.
Was this helpful?

Verified purchase | Oct. 15, 2007 | Verified Customer
Hose is exactly as depicted. I ordered it thinking it was needed with the new humidifier I ordered but that came with one. Some confusion on the ordering screen. Now the two hoses will be used with the new unit.
Was this helpful?

Verified purchase | Aug. 12, 2007 | Verified Customer
This item was not needed since it was included with the new humidifier I also purchased. I called and will be sending it back.
Was this helpful?

Verified purchase | Aug. 05, 2007 | Verified Customer
good product.
Was this helpful?

Verified purchase | Jul. 07, 2007 | Verified Customer
Fits well but I dislike the fact that it is one application specific rather than a universal fit.
Was this helpful?


Verified purchase | Feb. 16, 2007 | Verified Customer
Was this helpful?