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  • XT Auto CPAP Machine (Billiards Ball Not Included)
  • XT Auto CPAP Machine
  • XT Auto CPAP Machine
  • XT Auto CPAP Machine
  • XT Auto CPAP Machine
  • XT Heated Humidifier (XT Machine and Billiards Ball Not Included)
XT Auto CPAP Machine (Billiards Ball Not Included)
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XT Auto CPAP Machine

BY Apex Medical Item #SF04101

$429.00 $449.00
117 Reviews
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Product Overview

If you're looking for a small, inexpensive, auto-adjusting travel CPAP machine to take with you when you next hit the road, the XT Auto CPAP Machine is a great choice. It's a lower-priced option that's compact and lightweight, designed to provide your therapy at home or wherever life takes you.

The XT Auto CPAP Machine is packed with features and loaded with ways to make your next trip easier. It comes in a small and portable package, designed to minimize bulk and take up less space in a suitcase. It's also an ideal home unit as well, and can provide optimal therapy day in and day out.

Features & Benefits

  • Get the Advantages of Auto-Adjusting Pressure at a Value Price
  • Compact Design with Built-In Power Supply Saves Space
  • Pressure Relief Features Make it Easier to Breathe
  • Simple to Use and Easy to Operate
  • Advanced Data with SD Card Gives You Access to Therapy Data
  • Leak Compensation Helps Keep Your Therapy on Track
  • Optional: Heated Humidifier

Budget-Friendly Auto Adjusting Technology Saves Time and Money

This machine not only saves you money but also delivers a comfortable experience. It automatically determines the pressure needed for your treatment while making adjustments throughout the night. The XT Auto packs a lot of technology into a value price, making it one of the most affordable machines on the market today.

Compact Design with Built-In Power Supply Saves Space

The XT Auto helps reduce the number of extra bags you'll need by creating an auto-adjusting CPAP machine with a built-in power supply. Having a built-in power supply requires only a simple power cord to connect to power. It's not the same thing as a battery. The featherweight construction of the XT Auto is so light it can be picked up with one hand, helping make it easy to pack.

Pressure Relief Features Make it Easier to Breathe

The XT Auto anticipates when you're ready to exhale and temporarily reduces the incoming pressure so you can breathe out comfortably and without any extra effort. It's similar to the pressure relief features found on other, more expensive, auto-adjusting CPAP machines.

Easy to Use and Simple to Operate

Press the start button on top of the machine and it starts, and when it's time to stop, just turn it off. It's simple and easy to operate. The XT Auto also comes with a convenient alarm clock function, so it can help you get up and going when you're fresh and rested.

Advanced Data Available on Screen with an Included SD Card Slot

The XT Auto tracks the following data and displays it on screen:

  • Apnea Index
  • Hypopnea Index
  • Snore Index

You can also download your data to an included SD card to view advanced data on your computer. The machine has a compliance meter recording the number of hours of therapy.

Leak Compensation Keeps Your Therapy on Track

When mask leaks occur, the XT Auto automatically adjusts the pressure to compensate for the leak increasing the effectiveness of the therapy delivered. This can reduce the likelihood that you'll wake up in the event of a leak that could be disrupting your therapy.

OPTIONAL: Heated Humidifier

For a more comfortable therapy experience, the XT Heated Humidifier can be added to the XT Auto. Adding heated humidification can reduce irritation caused by otherwise cold, dry air. The humidifier is designed specifically for the XT machines. The XT Heated Humidifier can be added when ordering the machine.

Looking for a Small, Affordable CPAP Machine? Try the XT Fit!

The XT Fit CPAP is the same great small size as the Auto weighing less than two pounds.

XT Auto CPAP Machine

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  • Basic Features

    Apex Medical
    2 Years
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    Sound Level
    28 dB
    26.6 dBA
    30 dBA
    Manuals Included
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