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XT Fit CPAP Machine

BY Apex Medical Item #SF01101
437 Reviews

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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XT Fit CPAP Machine (Billiards Ball Not Included)
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437 Reviews

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

Need replacement parts and accessories? Shop now 

XT Fit CPAP Machine Overview

The budget and travel-friendly Apex Medical XT Fit Travel CPAP Machine is a single-pressure machine with ramp functionality built-in to help you fall asleep comfortably. Lightweight and compact, this cost-effective device is small enough to be packed into any carry-on.

XT Fit Standard CPAP Machine Features and Benefits:

  • Operates at 28 Decibels
  • Lightweight With No Bulky Power Supply
  • Pressure Ramp Feature
  • Easy-to-Use LED Screen
  • Internationally Compatible With Plug Adapter
  • Optional Heated Humidifier

The Apex XT Fit is Ideal For:

  • Avid Travelers
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Budget-Conscious Shoppers

Clocks In at 28 Decibels

Checking in at 28 decibels, the XT Fit CPAP machine measures close to the sound of a whisper. While this travel machine receives overall positive reviews, one common pain point around negative reviews is the sound level, which we've found can be related to the air circulating from your machine, through your hose and mask, and back around. To help reduce noise, we recommend checking for clogged filters or tubing, hose connection, and your mask fit.

Lightweight With No Bulky Power Supply

Without compromising the same power or quality of larger machines, this portable CPAP machine weighs in at 1.78 pounds and is 3 inches tall, making it one of the smallest CPAP machines on the market and the perfect CPAP machine for any kind of travel. The FAA-approved XT Fit even has a built-in power supply, resulting in less to pack and making it easy to carry on a plane!

Ease Into Quality Therapy With the Ramp Feature

As a single pressure CPAP machine, the XT Fit is set to your prescribed pressure when it leaves our warehouse. To enhance your comfort, the XT Fit includes a ramp setting. Simply press the start button and the machine will slowly ramp pressure up to your prescribed therapy pressure setting over a period of 45 minutes. This Apex CPAP machine also features enhanced pressure stability, a pressure relief feature that helps to create a more pleasant sleep apnea therapy experience.

Simple-to-Read and Navigate LED Screen

The XT Fit’s LED screen is clear and easy to read at any time of day. The intuitive navigation menu makes for painless adjustments even in darkness.

Internationally Compatible With Plug Adapter

The XT Fit CPAP system is designed to operate between 100-240V AC power, which ensures that it can handle international voltages with the addition of a proper plug adapter for the country you're visiting.

Improve Your CPAP Therapy With the Optional Heated Humidifier

If you prefer humidification or find that your sinuses or nasal passages are regularly dry after sleep apnea therapy, consider also purchasing the XT Fit's Integrated Heated Humidifier.

What’s Included:

  • XT Fit Standard CPAP Machine
  • Power Cord
  • 6 Foot Hose
  • 1 Installed Reusable Foam Filter
  • Carry Bag
  • Instructions

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