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    Disposable Fine Filter for DreamStation Machines - 6 Pack (Replacement for Light Blue Disposable Filter)

    Top Review

    "I replace the disposable filters monthly. These fit my DreamStation just like the Philips filters, they are cheaper and work great."

    March 26, 2017

    Product Overview

    Manufactured by Generic.

    Product Features

    The Disposable Fine Filter for DreamStation Machines - 6 Pack (Replacement for Light Blue Disposable Filter) is a 6 pack of generic, fine filters designed for use with DreamStation CPAP machines. These filters are used to block fine particles from entering the CPAP machine from the atmosphere.

    The manufacturer suggests using the Reusable Filter for DreamStation Machines in addition to the disposable filter. Together, the filters are intended to catch fine particles and larger particles such as dirt. The reusable filter is not included with this purchase. The option to select the reusable filter is offered while adding this product to the cart.

    Replace the fine filter every 30 days, or earlier if signs of damage or dirt appear. This filter must be replaced; it cannot be washed.

    Compatible Machines

    Don't Forget the Reusable Filters!

    Your DreamStation needs both disposable and reusable filters to work properly. Disposable filters are only designed to last a month, while reusable filters are good for six months. If it's been awhile since you've purchased reusable filters, you should pick some up before you leave today! Filters overdue for a change don't work as well, and can make unwanted noise.

    Image of Compatible DreamStation Machine:

    Return On Warranty Issues Only


    This Product Includes...

    • 6 Fine Disposable Filters

    Product Specifications

  • Material Components - Filters: Polypropylene and Thermoplastic Elastomer

  • Weight of 1 Disposable Filter: 0.016 oz

  • Dimensions of 1 Disposable Filter: 2.19 in L x 1.00 in W

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    Important Tips

    This purchase only includes six fine filters.

    Compatibility Tips

    The Disposable Fine Filter for DreamStation Machines (Replacement for Light Blue Disposable Filter) is compatible with the following reusable filters:

    • Reusable Filter for DreamStation Machines (Replacement for Dark Blue Reusable Filter)
    • Reusable Filter for DreamStation CPAP Machines
    Please Note: The disposable filter may not hold firmly to the Reusable Filter for DreamStation CPAP Machines, but to ensure optimal performance, the filters can be held together when installed into the machine.

    Filter Tips

    • The disposable filter cannot be washed. Replace the filter every 30 days or sooner if needed.
    • The DreamStation machine will alert the user when it is time to replace the disposable filter.
    • The filter is permanently attached to its frame and cannot be removed.

    Steps to Combine the Disposable and Reusable Filters

    To attach the disposable filter to the reusable filter, place it underneath the reusable filter with the slotted side facing up, and the longer edge facing the side of the reusable filter that faces the outside of the machine. Line up the filters and press the reusable filter down to connect the two together, then slide the combined filters into the machine.

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