• DreamStation Machine - Front (Billiards Ball Not Included)
  • DreamStation Machine - Angled Front (Filter Side)
  • DreamStation Machine - Angled Front (Power Connection Side)
  • DreamStation Machine - Filter Panel Open (Shown with Reusable and Disposable Filters Installed)
  • DreamStation Machine with <i>OPTIONAL</i> Heated Humidifier
  • DreamStation Machine with <i>OPTIONAL</i> Heated Humidifier and Heated Hose (Not Included)
DreamStation Machine - Front (Billiards Ball Not Included)
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DreamStation Pro CPAP Machine

BY Philips Respironics Item #DSX400S11

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Item # DSX400S11

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PR DreamStation Pro CPAP Overview

When you have sleep apnea, you know you're missing out. Sleep isn't productive or restful, and you wake up feeling drained. Treatment with CPAP therapy is a great way for a person to help reduce these symptoms, giving you the freedom to get your sleep back on track, and the DreamStation Pro is a cost-effective single-pressure machine that can help you achieve your goal of better sleep. Don't sit on the sidelines, or risk the danger of an accident any longer!

You'll appreciate the whisper-quiet DreamStation Pro, and how it makes it easier and more comfortable to fall asleep by using ramp technology to gradually increase to your desired pressure. Read on to see why the DreamStation Pro is the optimal choice for single-pressure therapy.

This is the premier CPAP version of the popular DreamStation series of machines. When properly maintained, you may barely hear it running. You'll also appreciate the free mobile app, which plugs you into nightly reports from your CPAP device so you can track your progress and see how you're doing.

Features & Benefits

  • Only 25.8 Decibels! Whisper-Quiet CPAP Machine
  • Maximum Features for Minimum Budgets
  • Simple Controls Are Easy to Use
  • 45-Minute SmartRamp Technology Increases Your Comfort
  • Get Your Therapy Data on Your Mobile Device
  • C-Flex+ Pressure Relief Makes it Easier to Exhale
  • Single-Pressure Device

Only 25.8 Decibels! So Quiet You May Not Hear It

The DreamStation Pro is so quiet, you may not even hear it while it's running. It's considered whisper-quiet and is truly one of the quietest CPAP machines available at only 25.8 decibels. This will create fewer disturbances for you and your bed partner, making it easier for everyone to get better sleep. When paired with a quiet mask, you can minimize the noise generated by your therapy for an even better experience.

Maximum Features for Minimum Budgets

While the DreamStation Pro may come at a low price, it has many premium features that budget machines don't usually carry. You'll appreciate the advanced mobile app, the included heated humidifier, as well as the SmartRamp and C-Flex+ Pressure Relief. All of these features give you a premium experience for one low price.

  • User-Friendly Water Chamber Design: The 325mL humidifier chamber included with this design is intended to make it easy to remove, fill and clean. The dry box the chamber sits in can be opened easily, and the clear plastic makes it easy to tell when the tank is full.

Please Note: The DreamStation Heated Humidifier is only compatible with Philips Respironics DreamStation Series machines.

Simple Controls That Are Easy to Operate

Leave the manual at home! With a top-mounted start button, one touch is all you'll need to start your therapy. From there the machine will power on, and the ramp will kick in allowing you to fall asleep. If you need to access the menus, a large dial on the front of the machine will be your guide as you navigate through bright, colorful menus. From there, you can control the machine's features and settings, while having a peek at your therapy data.

45-Minute SmartRamp Increases Your Comfort

The ramp feature of the DreamStation Pro gradually builds up to optimum pressure over 45 minutes, giving you plenty of time to fall asleep. This way you won't feel like the pressure is too intense. The gentle buildup will make your therapy more comfortable, and help you feel better as you try to get some much-deserved shuteye.

Get Your Therapy Data on Your Mobile Device With the DreamMapper App

Need to know how your therapy is progressing? There's an app for that! The DreamMapper App from Respironics is available for free download and works with the DreamStation Pro. It can tell you your AHI, number of events per hour, and whether your mask was sealed properly—all from your mobile device. It will also detail the number of hours your machine was active.

C-Flex+ Pressure Relief Makes it Easier to Exhale

Your DreamStation Pro comes equipped with C-Flex+ Pressure Relief which softens the pressure as you exhale, making it so you won't be fighting against incoming air while you breathe out. This makes the experience of using the DreamStation Pro more comfortable for you, helping make it more likely that you'll stick with your therapy.

Single-Pressure Device

Unlike a machine that automatically adjusts to the correct pressure, the DreamStation Pro is pre-programmed to the pressure prescribed by your doctor. This means that future adjustments to your target pressure will have to be set manually. If your therapy pressure has been the same for years and you've needed minimal adjustments, a single-pressure device should be fine.

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DreamStation Machine - Front (Billiards Ball Not Included) DreamStation Pro CPAP Machine

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    28 dB
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