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Transcend 'Soft & Wearable' Travel CPAP Machine

BY Somnetics Item #503001
3 Reviews

This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

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3 Reviews

This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Check out the newer model

Need replacement parts and accessories? Shop now 

Transcend CPAP Machine Overview

Finally a CPAP Machine that leaves the bedside table! This is the CPAP traveler's Dream Machine! Weighing under 1 lb, the Transcend is quiet and vibration-free. Transcend is an all in one CPAP system that delivers humidity through a clinically proven heat moisture exchanger (HME). This CPAP system is compatible with the most popular CPAP masks. The design of this CPAP system allows you to freely move while asleep without being tangled in a hose. The Transcend also comes with a mobile power adapter option and battery option allowing for full mobility. Interested in hearing what real users thought about the Transcend? Check out the Video tab below to hear from people who actually used the Transcend.
The Transcend CPAP Machine is worn on the head. It is held in place by headgear and padded by a soft cushion located at the bottom of the CPAP machine. A small hose connects the CPAP machine to the breathing interface. A mask cushion is placed onto the breathing interface by using the appropriate mask adapter clip. A heat moisture exchanger (HME) is placed where the hose meets the breathing interface and provides humidification. The Transcend comes as a complete sleep apnea system. The only product that needs to be purchased separately is a compatible mask cushion. Refer to the list below for compatible masks.

This machine is ideal for CPAP users:
  • Who are campers, truckers, or business/frequent travelers who want a second lighter and more compact CPAP system to fit into luggage and carry with them.
  • Experienced CPAP users who are successfully using one of the compatible masks listed below.
  • Experienced CPAP users who are looking for a CPAP system with an easy power backup setup, so that if the electricity goes out, your machine continues to deliver treatment. See the "Power" tab for more details on how to setup power backup with the Transcend.
  • Experienced CPAP users who either use their heated humidifier at settings 1 or 2, or who do not use a heated humidifier.

Strengths of the Transcend:

  • Small, Light & Wearable. The Transcend is the smallest CPAP on the market and weighs less than one pound. The Transcend is worn on the head. If you feel comfortable wearing a baseball cap or other hat, you should not have a problem wearing this CPAP. The bottom of the machine has a thick pad which provides a soft cushion for the top of your head. The Transcend is held in place by headgear.
  • No 6ft Hose. Transcend uses a hose that is short - inches rather than feet. The short hose helps minimize mask leaks caused by a long hose pulling the mask to the side. With this machine, you will no longer have to reach for the hose when moving during the night.
  • Chamberless Humidification. No more stocking up on distilled water. Instead of using a traditional humidifier that requires a water chamber, the Transcend uses a small, disposable hygienic heat moisture exchanger (HME). The HME captures moisture from the patient's exhaled breath, which provides warm humidification to prevent nose irritation and congestion. HME technology is used daily in ventilators in the hospital setting.
  • Compatible with Popular Masks. All you need to make this CPAP a complete Sleep Apnea System is a compatible mask cushion. If you are using one of the masks on the list, all you need to do is take the cushion from your mask, and using the right mask adapter clip (which will come with the machine) attached the mask cushion and adapter clip to Transcend's breathing interface. The manufacturer of the Transcend is working to expand the list of compatible masks. Transcend is currently compatible with the following masks:
  • Alternative Power Sources. The Transcend offers an optional mobile power adapter which can power the CPAP machine from any standard DC power supply. The Transcend also offers optional 4-cell and 8-cell battery packs which can either be worn on the arm or chest, or placed under the pillow.
  • Easy to Maintain & Clean. The Transcend has few parts to maintain and clean. The hygienic HME is disposable. The Transcend has an air intake filter like other CPAP machines, and includes an LED light that turns on every 6 months to remind you to replace this filter. The Transcend also has a "dry mode" feature that blows air at the end of each use to dry the CPAP system.
  • Auto Altitude Adjustment. No need to worry about adjusting your CPAP machine when traveling to places with a different altitude.

Who Might Not Be Right for this Machine:

  • No exhalation relief feature. If you have become accustomed to using a CPAP machine with exhalation relief such as C-Flex, A-Flex, EPR, or Smart-Flex this machine might not be for you.
  • No Auto Pressure Adjustment. The Transcend is a basic CPAP machine in that it blows one straight pressure. If you use an auto adjusting CPAP machine (APAP) this machine might not be for you.
  • No Compatibility with Full Face Masks or Nasal Pillows. The Transcend is compatible with the most popular nasal CPAP masks. The manufacturer of the Transcend plans to continue to grow the list of masks the machine is compatible with, however, at this time they are focused on Nasal Masks.
  • Compliance Data Only. This CPAP tracks compliance data. The software to access this data is included with the CPAP machine. If you need to provide compliance data to an employer or other organization, this data is easy to access. This CPAP does not track advanced efficacy data such as AHI.
  • New CPAP Users. The Transcend is not a good choice for first time CPAP users. It is better suited as a second machine, or travel machine for experienced users who have found success using one of the compatible masks.
  • High Humidification. If you use your heated humidifier at setting 4 or 5, the Transcend is not for you. The Transcend should provide the same comfortable humidification if you use your humidifier at settings 1-3.
  • Worn on the Head. If you cannot comfortably where a baseball cap or other hat, the Transcend is not for you. When you lay down the light weight of the Transcend actually is adsorbed by the pillow, however the headgear does keep the Transcend in place. If you do not feel comfortable wearing a hat, you will not feel comfortable wearing the Transcend.
  • People who wear a Chinstrap. If you wear a chinstrap nightly, the Transcend might not be for you. The Transcend does not currently come with a chin strap.
  • 5% to 7% Louder Than the Leading CPAP Machine. Because the Transcend is worn on your head and instead of the bedside table, you will hear the machine more.

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